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Default Puppy Mill Rejects

I'm sure most if not all of you here are against puppy mills and find them to be one of the worst possible outcomes for a dog/dogs life.

How many of you have ended up with a puppy mill reject?
Did your pup adjust to "normalcy" well or was it a rocky road?

About a year and a half ago we ended up with a puppy mill reject. An acquaintance that I'd told NOT to get a boxer due to life circumstances called me with "I got a boxer, I can't handle this dog will you take her?"
We already had 2 pups at the time, 1 boxer and 1 doodle and are very well versed in dog behaviors and training. So we took her in.

We got her home and found within 48 hours it wasn't just a training issue with this pup, she had severe separation anxiety. This girl was sold by a puppy store (eye roll here...we all know where they get their dogs) as a full bred boxer. It was crystal clear that she either wasn't full boxer or was extremely poorly bred.

We have literally done everything one could do to help a dog with separation anxiety. This isn't the "makes a mess when you leave" type either. This is, urination, destruction and full on panic mode type. In a crate, she chews the inside so much we get home to it full of blood, urine and saliva. If you are a male and come home to find the mess (we now have a sitter when we go out) she goes straight to fear aggression and begins urinating herself. It is horribly sad to see.
The only thing that has helped was acupuncture...which was farfetched but hey it worked. But if thats not kept up on, she goes right back to panic mess.

I know that this girl is not right in the head, and its awful knowing that someone was so greedy and irresponsible would allow this to happen. In any other home, she would have either ended up at a pound or sent over the rainbow bridge. She is a very tough pup.

I guess I'm posting because I'd like to know how many others have ended up with tough situations like this. I would also like to hear stories from others.

I attached a pic of my pack for all to see. She's lucky she's cute.
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