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Default A fox during the day?

I don't know that much about wildlife beyond your basic raccoon, etc. *It's just before noon here and my pup, Tyson, is outside eating some food out of a Kong toy that I just gave him. *I looked out the window after coming inside and saw that Tyson was not pushing around the Kong. *I thought, what a waste of a new toy! *I looked around the yard and saw him laying in the grass like a lion stalking through the prairies! *What the heck does he see...? *I look and there is what looks to me like a pretty ragged looking fox! *I know we have plenty of foxes here where I live. *I've seen lots of beautiful ones crossing my back yard. *But this one looked kinda nasty. *It paused and my dog and this fox stared each other down for a second. *I opened the door and called Tyson (who never comes when called) and he launched after the fox. *Fortunately the fox fled into the neighboring yard where Tyson cannot go. *

That was close! *Aren't they primarily nocturnal animals? *It's possible that a fox can have rabies, right? What about mange? *I say it looked gross because it's coloring was very pale, like tannish rather than the gorgeous orangeish-red. *His tail was not bushy. *He looked like he had little fur....is he sickly? *Is he a threat to my dog even though he seemingly fled from Tyson?
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Default Re: A fox during the day?

Im not sure about diseases I cant see why not! Id have Tyson stay away from it though! Sounds to me like the Fox is probaly hungry and looking for food, you just never know though! I hope it knows now not to come around. You may be able to call animal control and ask them about Fox. Wished I could be more help. Hope all goes well!
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Default Re: A fox during the day?

Yikes! I'd certainly be careful! A fox during the day is not unheard of, but they are primarily nocturnal. Was it foaming from the mouth? If not, I suppose it could of been in the early stages of rabies. Be careful. A dog can get rabies just from the saliva of a rabid animal! I'd keep a close eye on your boy while he's outside for the time being.
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Default Re: A fox during the day?

sounds more like a coyote? We have some around this area and they are light tan and very scraggy looking, the city has stated that most of them have mange, but a rabid one has not been spotted in years and years. *

Like the others said, i am sure he is hungry, but would probably never go after Tyson unless it was desperate. *I would call animal control and let them know you had one in your yard and that it was stalking your dog (also let them know you have a small child), they might be able to give you some suggestions on how to rid it.
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Default Re: A fox during the day?

Katie, it definitely could be a coyote. *We have lots of them here in WNY and I know my sister in law, who lives across the street, used to talk about how they came around checking out her dog years ago. *I've never actually seen one and I guess I just pictured it as larger than what this was. *It was smaller than tyson but larger than what I would expect a fox to be...which is why I just assumed it was a fox. *It had longer, perked up ears like a cat or a fox. *I saw another one, if not the same one, just one or two nights ago not too far from here. *We do have a fox hole across the street in the fields. *I'm guessing it was indeed hunting for food. *I think Tyson definitely gave it a scare so I'm not sure it will come through our yard again...but I think I just might call the Town or animal control and see how to best keep it out of my yard. *It's not unusual for Tyson to bark like crazy at night, at what we cannot see...maybe it's not the first time Tyson has seen these critters?

P.S. *It was too far away to see foaming of the mouth but from the best of my memory, it didn't look like it was.
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Default Re: A fox during the day?

you are in Ny...id be concerned the fox had lyme disease thats exactly what it looks like and foxes are notorious for getting it...i am from mass and they and deer are the 2 that seem to get it the most often...rabies also...

call animal control ...b/c a fox roaming IN the neighborhood in daylight hours is surely off kilter being sick

Fox Attack
While healthy fox rarely are known to attack people, rabid ones are notoriously aggresive towards much larger creatures including adult people! *If your area is known to be infected with rabies, discouraging fox from the vacinity might be a good plan. *No one can tell what a rabid animal might do or where it might go, but an unfamiliar area might still be avoided. Don't wait until the problem starts. Rabies starts manifesting its effects as the weather get hot. *The below article was about early Spring in Florida. *That demonstrates how early the weather warms in the South!
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Default Re: A fox during the day?

Coyotes are much bigger than foxes, and foxes can be gray or shades thereof, not just pretty red like we see on tv.
Also, I think if it had rabies it would not have run from Tyson. *I work at a nature sanctuary and some people I work with have seen a fox out during the day, and it allowed them to walk a little closer to it, just watching them the whole time- he went to take a picture with a camera phone and thats when it ran off.
They are curious animals, as long as it wasn't coming towards tyson or people I don't think it would have had rabies.
Now, lyme disease in wildlife i know nothing about. *But, it is summer so they aren't going to have a nice thick coat.
You might wanna google some pics for gray fox or gray/red fox hybrid.
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