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Default Vitamin D Deficiency & Magnesium

I was diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency a few months ago and have been taking supplements since then. Initially it seemed to be helping, but lately it's really flaring up again. In doing research I found out that you should take Magnesium along with Vitamin D (good of my dr to tell me!). So I started taking a Magnesium supplement too. This morning I woke up at 3:30am and my arms literally felt like someone had rolled over them. They were so stiff and just very painful! Trying to pour a glass of orange juice was a challenge to say the least.

I've been doing research since I woke up at 5:30am and found more info regarding magnesium. I read that you shouldn't take Magnesium Oxide because studies have shown it's absorption rate is only 4%! Well, guess which magnesium supp I was taking. Yup, oxide! Now my search is on for a new brand.

My question is have any of you ever had a vitamin D deficiency? Or a magnesium deficiency? Which brand/form of Magnesium did you take?

One more thing. I hate doctors. I do not trust them. Back when I started this whole thing I did get a full blood work up done. My thyroid was checked as were all my other values. The only thing that caused them alarm was my vit D which was low at 11! I went for a recheck a couple of months ago and it had gone up, but still wasn't where it should be. They upped my vit D. I'm going back in the next week or so for another recheck.

As for my muscle and joint pain, it's almost always been limited to my arms. Originally it was my arms and my ankles and feet, but my ankles and feet are fine now. It's still lingering in my arms, wrists, and now hands too. Lately it's been worst than ever, especially this morning. I'm just tired of waking up in pain every day.
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Sorry I am no help on this one. I know a while back I was put on Vitamin D as the doc said mine was low. I didn't have any pains or anything & after about a month on the Vitamin D my levels were back up. I know the Vitamin D my doc put me on was one you take weekly. I hope your able to find something that helps.
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Mandy, sorry about your aches and pains, your symptons sound similiar to Fibromyalgia. My BF has this and she does suffer on an ongoing basis. did they check you for this? I hear ya when they don't diagnose or give the proper supplement to take. I have had a thyroid problem for years (hypothyroidsm) which I take medication for daily and I am now changing dosage as the blood work keeps coming back showing low levels...hang in there kid I'm in your corner rooting for you

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One of my guys at work takes a vitamin D 400 IU pill and a calcium pill Os-Cal 500mg 3 times a day. He doesn't take magnesium though. Im sorry you have to wake up in pain I cant imagine
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Thanks guys! It's not a constant thing. Somedays I just wake up feeling a bit stiff, but once I'm moving it gets better. It's still always there though. Just this morning was the worst I've ever felt. It honestly felt like my arms were run over or beaten with a hammer or something. I'm beginning to wonder if I have arthritis of some type, but they checked for that and it didn't flag them. My joints are swollen either. It's really weird. Going to try to magnesium (non oxide) to see if that helps at all.
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Not to be nosy, so you don't really have to "reply," but are you on any kind of statin drugs? Muscle and joint pain in the limbs is a common side effect of statin drugs.

I think a lot of doctors are overreacting about Vitamin D levels. The number of people I know personally who say their doctors have told them their levels are way too low is staggering. The first time the doctor decided to test my Vitamin D levels, she said they were off-the-charts low. Here's my problem with this. First, our family goes through about three gallons of milk every week and I'm the big milk drinker of the three of us. Second, whenever we have a day with a little sunshine, I'm the first one outside letting the sun shine on me. They say this is the best way to get Vitamin D, and I do it ALL the time. Also, I'm a big fish eater including salmon and tuna fish, and these are two of the best sources of Vitamin D. For a doctor to tell me I'm low on Vitamin D is pretty much hogwash. Then, the week after they said I was low, my dad got the same diagnosis. Years and years of no problems then all of a sudden we're all getting diagnosed with low levels? Sorry, I'm just really skeptical at this point. It's like the new "trend" in medicine, and those always turn out to be wrong a year or two later.

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Nope, don't take any drugs other than vit D, magnesium supplement, and ibuprofen when I need it. I hate taking medications so I avoid them when I can. I'm also not a smoker, drinker, or any other kind of drug user. I grew up around all that junk and have no interest in it.

If I remember correctly I was told that a Vitamin D level should be around 50-60 to be considered normal. My test came back at 11. I have no doubt that my levels are low. I just thought that by now I'd be seeing some kind of an improvement which I did for a while, but now it's back again.

As a kid I drank a LOT of milk, but several years ago I drank it sour twice by accident and let me tell you, that is DISGUSTING! It turned me off against milk. The only way I'll drink it now is if I'm the one opening the gallon and I need the choc or strawberry flavoring in it. I rarely eat cereal. I don't do much dairy aside from cheese. I try to get outside in the sun as much as I can, but don't think it really helps.

I understand where you're coming from, but in this case I really do think my vitamin D is out of whack. It could be that my magnesium was also out of whack and that it lowered the vitamin D. From what I'm reading Dr's don't pay much attention to magnesium and how important it is to the body.
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I take vit D daily for depression. There is a correlation between people who live in the northern half of the US and countries northward and vit D deficiency due to lack of sunlight. I hope you start feeling better soon!
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I too heard it is quite difficult to be vitamin D deficient.. apparently 15 mins of sun 3 times a week is plenty. I am a vegan and drink/eat no dairy products or fish and I am not deficient. If you don't eat dairy here are a few options you can try - mushrooms (they are one of the very few vegetables that have vitamin D in them), soy milk (most soy milks are now fortified with vitamin D - try a vanilla, chocolate or strawberry flavor if you are new to the idea.
Also, there are two (well actually 3) verisons of vitamin D. Vitamin D2 comes from plant sources and vitamin D3 comes from animal sources - sheep wool in fact and the third source of vitamin D is the sun. Maybe you can check your supplement and see if you are getting both D2 and D3 in it.
Best of Luck!
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My mother fights with vitamin D deficiency often and she gets bad leg pain from it. Usually when it acts up she see's our family Dr. and he gives her an injection with vitamin D and some other things and then she has to take the once a week supplements. There's an over the counter Magnesium supplement by Nature Made and she has to take 250mg a day. Hope this helps some. While I don't have vitamin deficiency, I can certainly relate to living with daily pain.
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