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Unhappy What a morning..

I got up this morning planning to do some housework, drive to the next town to get a new TV n food for Sally when I got a panicked call from a friend/sister...
She got woken up by her goat being attacked by two dogs. She lives with her parents one sister and little brother but her parents and brother were away on holidays and her sister was at a friends house. She was so panicked she couldn't manage to think straight enough to work out what to do next, she had fought the dogs off the goat (they weren't at all vicious towards her but were very insistent on the goat) took the goat into the house and had called the vet but couldn't work out what to do then, the dogs were hanging around on her verandah, eating the cat food and relaxing. She asked me to come around and be with her and guide her.

So I quickly found clothes, and got my husband to drive me over there, and then helped her get in contact with animal controland calmed her down. when animal control came (fortunately quickly) they took the dogs (who were well behaved sitting on command), but said that if they are registered they would go back to their owners, with fines coming in the mail. It was the third Goat attack call she had gotten that morning (all different locations and dogs).
The vet will do call outs but only after hours so if we wanted the vet to come out we had to wait till after 2pm, we managed to rig up a ramp, got the goat onto her Dad's truck and took it to the vet got it off the ramp and then the vet could look at her.

Unfortunately her goat had to be put down, the dogs had torn her ear off, it was just hanging on by a few strings of skin, and we think she had also broken her leg kicking the dogs.

What made it even worse was when her sister came home and saw the pictures of the dogs, she recognized them as her ex-boyfriends dogs who she had help raise from pups. She was so upset, the dogs were half starved, and both looked like they had recently had a litter.
We don't think there was anything malicious in the attack, but she wouldn't put it past him to not feed the dogs because it would upset her.

What a stressful morning! Sorry for the essay, Just needed to get it off my chest...
Mummy of Sally, a Red and white Boxer born end of May 2012!
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Wow, what a scary thing to go through.
Sorry about the goat
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So sorry to hear this. The same thing actually happened a few years ago at a local community gathering. A lady had brought a couple of pygmy goats (little ones) for a petting zoo, and a lady stupidly brought her VERY large, VERY aggressive dog nearby. From 100 yards away, the dog got away from the lady, zeroed in on one of the goats, and it wasn't pretty. My husband, a weight lifter and gym rat , who was right there, jumped on this very large (mastiff type) dog, and had to literally wrestle it and pin it to the ground (everyone else just froze, and DH was afraid the dog would turn to the kids that were nearby next) - the dog was totally in the red zone. DH said he almost had to snap its neck to get it to stop (he had it in a headlock, sitting on it - yes, he got bitten and scratched up, but was okay after treatment by EMS personel. The other people around said they wish he had killed the dog... The lady ran up, got her dog and took him off, not saying anything! I guess she was so mortified, she didn't know what to do...

The poor goat was taken to the vet, but had to be put down, after heroic, life saving measures didn't work. The lady, who was tracked down, paid the vet bill, but appeared clueless throughout...So sad.
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That poor goat so sad

I live out in the country and have had chickens for 10 years. I have had peoples dogs and one time a feral dog attack and kill almost my whole flock. The feral dog actually dug under the coop and pen and killed all but one bird but never ate a one.

Its a huge pet peeve of mine for people to allow their dogs to run loose especially in the country. IF the dog will absolutely stay on your own property fine but otherwise he needs to be confined with a fence etc.

One of those time I got my shotgun out and went after the dogs because they wouldnt leave and were still after the chickens. I hunted them down in the field..had a bead on one but just couldnt pull the trigger no matter how upset and angry I was. I shot into the air. But I will say when the great dane came back a few mins later and grabbed a chicken and ran I did shoot at him but he was too far for my 410 to do any damage. But I will say they didnt come back after that.

That whole day was SO very traumatic for me because my old pet turkey Thomas was mauled or rather plucked by those dogs. Gouda helped me find him in the field. Gouda loved Thomas and I didnt know where he was. I told Gouda go find Thomas Gouda(I know sounds like a Lassie moment but true lol) She put her nose to the ground and took off I followed and found Thomas barely alive and almost completely plucked! Gouda laying right beside him. I took off my shirt and put it on him and carried him to the coop. I should have put him out of his misery but I just couldnt bring myself to do it I loved Thomas Shortly after he died. That image of Thomas plucked and in pain sticks with me and always will. I just wish people would be responsible with their dogs! Just because your dog in in your yard when you leave to go some place and there when you get back doesnt mean he hasnt gone anywhere in the time you were gone
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Default What a morning..

Happened to me once too, I was probably 11 or 12, at my grandmas ranch and I went to the back pasture and saw a goat got her head stuck in the fence, so I probably spent ten minutes trying to get her out but it was very difficult due to her big horns and she was very tense and wouldn't bend in the way I needed her to go, so by the time I finally got her out and she was free, some of the dogs from up at the house came running towards us and as I was yelling "you're welcome! Don't get caught on anymore fences!!" The dogs grab her by her neck and legs and I am just in shock, I start picking up pinecones, horse turds, sticks anything I could throw and I was throwing and yelling and then grandma came running out and by that time I was crying and hitting the dogs with limbs but to no avail, so she scared the dogs off and the goat was very very bad. There were limbs missing and she couldn't even get up so grandma told me she was going to put her out of her misery, I was like "where's your gun?" And she stepped real hard on her horns and I guess her skull just popped open and she died right there. I never saw those two dogs again. I think Paw paw Tom shot them or took them off somewhere I don't know. It was a traumatic experience.

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Thanks for the sympathy,

I couldn't believe it when the Animal Control said that the dogs would be returned straight away to their owners, I thought they would at least be impounded.

The worst thing with this was AC said that because the dogs now knew the goat was there they would probably keep coming back. So even if the goat had survived they would have to find a new home the goat, or risk the dogs coming back again.
Mummy of Sally, a Red and white Boxer born end of May 2012!
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