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Default Is my boxer puppy to nice ?

Im new to the form well here is my Question

My dad keeps saying shes too nice that he wants her to be barking when strangers enter the house But he wont listen and agree that boxers are Naturally Nice breeds Post your Opionions Please (:

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Geez, how old is she? He is expecting too much from a young pup right now. Reuben is 4 1/2 months old & does a low growl if he is sitting with me & someone pulls in the driveway in a car. He does not bark & carry on. My 2 that were full grown used to run to the window & bark their fool heads off. Once they identified a familiar face they stopped & just got happy to see someone they knew. Boxers from what I understand, bark when they need too. They don't do it willy nilly if that makes any sense. Each dog is different though. If a stranger enters & you say they are ok she will be ok. She is not old enough now but I guarantee you she will develop a protective stance when she matures. Mine always stood between me & the door, or at least had my back when I opened it. Just enjoy your pup & don't worry. She is supposed to be fun not a guard dog. Boxers love their people. That will be enough!
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Kona loved everyone until about 1 year old. Then he became cautious of strangers. I HONESTLY think that boxers can sense intent. Good person=wiggle butt.... questionable person=snarl.
Many other boxers that I know are the same way.
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Your pup is still a little young to have the instict to bark. Also, if people are invited into your home, Boxers aren't going to bark/growl. Now, if someone broke into the house, that's a different story. Congratulations btw and welcome to the forum!
Proud owner of Waldo and Bella!

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Leila is 28 months old now. And since she came into the family at 4 months old, she has never barked or growled at people - friends or strangers. When the doorbell rings, she'll run up to the front door but with no growling or barking. If her tail/nub swings back and forth slightly, then it is someone she doesn't know. But if her nub is going at high speed and she's all wiggly butt, then it's someone familiar. My husband once said that Leila would've been perfect if only she exhibited behavior of a guard dog. I think she's perfect - we moms always think our kids are perfect Lots of people have said to me that once the situation presented itself, Leila will instinctively protect the family. I hope so.
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My girl is five months old and she never barks at anyone when they come in, stranger or not, just wiggles like crazy looking for a rub and kisses She HAS given a low growl and will... snort(???) if she (or I) gets startled by a noise in the house or outside, and will then stalk all the windows and doors hackles raised looking for the source, pretty funny, until I say it's okay. I think they just read your body language really well.. If you're relaxed and not displaying any caution or anxiety, they in turn will likely be the same.
I think it's a good sign that she's happy to welcome people.
Love to see some pics
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agree with every one else ,, they bark when feel the need or in play but to just bark liek ninnies ,, not really,, at least not most of them,,, and P.S. no such thing as too nice of a boxer...

Little girl Crash.... R.I.P Baby girl
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Shes 6 months guys
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She is still a puppy, mine didn't bark growl (except for playing) until they matured.
Now everytime they hear a noise outside or a strange car (they know all the neighbors cars) they run to the windows and bark and sometimes growl.
Yours will too when she gets a bit older.

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My boxer is the same way... She gives hugs and kisses to anyone wo will take them!! However, I had an incident at my house last week where there were police officers in my back yard long story, but all is ok...). But, my Georgie woke me up with that low growl... Which she has done before when she sees something n the back of the yard (usually an animal or leaves blowing). But, this time she did not stop... It ended up there were people (officers) in the back yard and she KNEW something was up... Even after we spoke to the cops she was still doing the growl because I think she felt how scared I was (she was brave, but not me... Haha). Georgie was almost pacing until I finally relaxed... After the fact, I was so proud of her for doing a good job being "watchful"...

So, regardless of how loving she usually is, she was also very protective when she needed to be!!!

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