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Old 12-31-2012, 02:57 PM   #11 (permalink)
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If a neighbor like that wanted input in my fence I'd tell him where he could put his input. Go as high as you can and solid wood or PVC.
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^^^^^ I fully agree with the above post.^^^^^
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I'm so sorry you have a crappy neighbor. I can't believe he's got his little panties in a wad bc they're barking at him! Ha! Dogs will bark at people through the fence until the day they die. My neighbor doggies on all sides AND catty corner, bark at me and usually I get used to it and then they stop. Before we got our new fence we had a fence that was built in the '80s and falling apart badly, I saw my neighbor beat his lab mix for accidentally nipping his son. And I mean BEAT him! Like Rocky Balboa! In front of two 8 yr old boys one of which was a little boy I knew. I didn't get any pics or videos so I called the humane society and reported it. They of course did nothing so I wrote him a long anonymous letter. That neighbor is a mental nut I think. Then the neighbor to my right has a new lab and it keeps coming over and eating my cats food, peeing where Rosco pees lol (that makes Rosco mad not me) and recently he attacked my rabbit while he was having an outside day, the neighbor only yelled at the dog to come here but never apologized, heck he could've had a heart attack. Thankfully he is doing great now and even more brave. But wow I hate neighbors, I just want to move way out deep into the country miles and miles away from civilization. You did good with your email and trying to stay away from personal attacks, hopefully that guy will get better with time. I definitely recommend a tall fence though, I LOVE my new one!

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“Moving around or talking too much while training your dog is like singing in the ear of a math student while they are trying to work out an algebra problem" -Karen Pryor
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Old 01-03-2013, 11:31 AM   #14 (permalink)
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Sounds like the guy has a stick up his butt and is bored to death. Besides, from what I have heard, Animal Control won't step in with action unless the dogs are barking excessively, usually on more than one occassion. I would have a video recorder ready and record anything that you see him doing that appears "fishy". I think he is trying to make you guys as miserable as he can, in hopes that you will move and take your "beasts" somewhere else. Don't let him chase you away from your home! And I think it's great that you called Animal Control ahead of time. I did that once because of an agressive neighbor and AC told me that calling ahead of time is always a good idea. And what I did was told them our exact situation, told them what I was doing or not doing and asked them if I was breaking any rules. If you are not, then it doesn't matter what your neighbor complains about. After that, it's just a matter of making sure your dogs are safe when they are outside. Goodness, it's ridiculous that you have to deal with all this.
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I have neighbor behind us who blew his snow in our yard making fence useless.. boys stayed home Bella miss thing went over fence trying to play with his kid and her small dog,,, he came here threatening bella and said if she goes in his yard again she wont come home,, we now have eight foot tall fence from aspenite along his side so she cannot see them and he cannot blow snow in our yard,,,, his loss.. we will make pretty the spring so it looks nice,, right now is serving a purpose...

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I would definately not be letting them in the yard us supervised if I had a neighbour who was so anti dogs... I was at the vet for one of Sally's vaccinations and someone brought in a sausage that had been thrown over their fence that was filled with staples and nails... I hope your neighbour is not malicious like that! but if it does your surveillance will at least allow you to identify what has happened much faster!

I am fortunate my neighbours are pretty good, and they have all said that Sally is a little angel... she barks but only at toys, or me when we play rough. But they have all had very bad neighbouring dogs in the past or currently on other sides.
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Terrible to have such odd neighbors.

This might sound paranoid, but my first reaction when I read your message was are your dogs safe? If this odd man does not like Buster is Buster safe? What is it that he does not like about Buster? And no wonder Buster is barking at him. Buster is so wise, and seems to know this person is not mentally well. Are your boxers ever alone outside that this crazy neighbor could get to them? The fact he is trying to rile them up is scary to me. And videotaping? I agree with GeorgiaPeach that you might contact your local police dept. I wonder if this odd stranger has done this already contacted the police? He may be trying to set up the dogs or some how get them into trouble for barking. I think you are wise to set up cameras.

I do not know what I would do in your situation. I am truly sorry your dogs have to suffer with such a stange and odd neighbor. Do everything you can to protect your boxer babies (Oh forgive me, I am a mother and a worrier) Of course you are doing everything you can to protect them. It is just boxers can not talk. I think if Buster could talk he would tell you what he sees going on. Trust you Buster! I think he is barking at this batty neighbor for a reason.
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Old 01-05-2013, 10:43 PM   #18 (permalink)
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All of you are so sweet, thank you! I know we're not perfect by any means. We are so sad because we really like Mrs. Neighbor and their nanny (Mrs. Neighbor's brother). Their parents had Boxers and we were excited about a young family moving in. Nanny told us a couple of times that he does wonder what Buster knows about Mr. Neighbor that we don't. Mr. Neighbor yells a lot at his little girls. More than what seems to be the typical parental scolding/correcting. Funny thing, is Buster can't hear, so my imagination runs wild...that perhaps he does sense the anger. We had the guys over for football last w/e and one of our friends gestured lots and was super excited. Buster woofed and looked very alert. Not sure if Mr. Neighbor hops around in his yard and waves his arms, but I do wonder.

And, yes, I'm very worried about foodstuffs that could be thrown over the fence. I sure wish we could have an 8' fence! That would be wonderful. I worry, too. I was alone the weekend that Mr. Neighbor was taking photos/videos of the boys, and for the first time I felt they were vulnerable. We don't have kids (by choice) and I kept thinking if we did that to someone's children, we'd be slapped from here to Chicago, no questions asked.

We're getting help with the installation of the surveillance system. I'm kind of excited to see how it works. I was thinking of checking in with St. Paul Police Department as a proactive measure. We have an alarm permit for ADT and would be happy to have them make sure that the Neighbor can't complain about where the cameras are pointing.

I was concerned how the boys would react to our closer supervision of their outside activity, but they actually seem to like the attention. Go figure! :-)

Hope you're having a good night!
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If it were me, I would definitely get the surveillance system. I wouldn't allow my dog outside unsupervised either. And I would get a tall privacy fence, as tall as the town ordinance allows.
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My parents had a similar problem years ago with their neighbor. My parents have an adorable lab who would literally lick an intruder to death and would never hurt a fly. Out of nowhere he started barking constantly on the side of the yard by the neighbors house whenever he was let outside. They couldn't figure out what caused the sudden change in his behavior and only when he was outside. Long story short, my dad caught the neighbor TASERING this sweet, loving dog. They called the police but nothing was ever proved. My parents would not allow Sarge out in the backyard without someone standing out there watching him. Thank GOD the neighbors eventually moved. Poor babies. There are some sick people in this world.

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