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Lol I love this post. I'm not sure what Nikki is either but she gets wild also toy driven more than food and is a total couch potato!! I'm getting another pup in the spring so I hope I luck out and get the same balance.

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I think "drive" depends more on what the breeder is after than the actual passport of the dog. Continental Boxers in general have higher prey drive because Continental breeders are largely focused on Schutzhund. UK and North American Boxers tend to have more balanced drives, because breeders focus more on a dog you can fairly easily live with. "Euro" breeders often aren't focused on anything except the high prices they can charge for "Euro blood", so be sure to do a lot lot lot of research if you're looking in that direction.

Personally, I've found that my NA and UK lines have essentially the same level/type of drive, but the UK dogs are generally more "self-contained" -- they get just as exuberant and excited and focused and drivey as the others, but they don't tend to get as "frantic" about it. They're not quite as "busy" as the NA dogs, either -- the UK dogs will just lie down and hang out at a dog show, for example, while the NA dogs have to watch everything and smell everything and visit everyone....

Of course training plays a huge role and if you understand the dog and train properly, passport is largely irrelevant.
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You also can't tell what "lineage" your dog is solely on how it acts or even looks for that matter. Alot of people get a "stocky" dog and all of a sudden deem is from german/uk lines....The pedigree would be the only way to know.
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I have two German/Italian lineage Boxers & one American and I find that my American boy is the "hyper" of the two, has little to zero interest in "working" & his concentration & ability to focus is quite poor. My two "Euros" are very drivey, but ONLY when taken outside and/or in "working mode". Indoors, they are proverbial couch potatoes. They are calm & steady indoors but ready to work tirelessly in a moment's notice. It is like they have a built-in "lightswitch." The Euros are also MUCH more protective (likely from the close Schutzhund & police lineage) as opposed to the American who will bark if necessary but is NOT capable of backing it up if he had to. My Euros have phenomenal protection instincts - they have been tested via temperament testing & also by a professional Schutzhund trainer who runs a club near our area.

I also find the Euros are "naturally" obedient - much like the old time German Shepherds were always characterized as being. They LOVE to learn & have a job to do. But they also are great calm (NEVER sharp) house dogs who love little kids & are all-around great family dogs.

I do not think that the reputable breeders in the U.S. (and there are a few - a number train & sell their dogs to law enforcement agencies to work in canine units; check out the internet) "over charge" for their dogs at all. In fact, their prices seem quite commensurate with exclusively long-term American bred lines.

I think they have a "niche" & a specific "clientel" for their pups & dogs and that is just fine. There are many responsible perspective dog owners who want a Boxer who they can work in Schutzhund (becoming more & more popular in the states) or ring sports or other arenas. They want a Boxer, but they want a Boxer who does have the drive & protective instincts & the assertive temperament that can do the job. Ideally, again, Boxers should be worked in these ways - it was precisely what Ms. Stockman bred these dogs to do: virtually all her dogs were military or police dogs who learned & excelled at guard duty & patrol work. Read her biography - it's available on Amazon (last I checked) & you'll see these dogs were bred to do MUCH more than prance around a conformation ring. A truly well-bred & well-rounded Boxer should be able to achieve their Schutzhund 3 title AND earn points in the show ring! Watch Westminister this year & you'll see how wonderfully refreshing & impressive it is to see owners & owner/handlers who WORK their working breed & show him/her as well! They are the consumate dogs of the working dog breeds.

I won't personally ever purchase a Boxer again from exclusively "show" lineage. I couldn't be more pleased with the Euro Boxers I have - they are steadfast, steady, intelligent, protective, beautiful & "drivey" - I think they are the most balanced dogs out there ---- a breed that Stockman truly perfected.
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