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Originally Posted by Dreamgurl580 View Post
This may be a silly question but when you guys say cups.. do you literally mean like measuring cups?
Because I sure hope not... We feed from the bag and also free feed, meaning their bowl always has food in it and use a tall drinking cup to scoop it out and into their bowl and they go through about 8 cups of those a day between Rocky and the 2 shih-tzus. Most of it is just Rocky because the little ones do get table food. Because I seem to always cook "extra" lol
Yep, we measure out Serenity's food with a measuring cup.

We never use to. Before we switched over to TOTW she was on Pedigree and we had always just free fed her since the day we brought her home. We'd scoop her dish full and let her eat it as she pleased. She'd eat here and there whenever she was hungry.
**Keep in mind it would take her 2/3 days to empty her dish.

When we switched brands it was our vet who recommended that we limit her food intake down to just 3 cups per day.

The first few days were the hardest for her. We would feed her the 1-1/2 cup-full in the morning and by mid-afternoon she would start whimpering because she was hungry. She's now gotten very use to her eating schedule. We feed her breakfast at 9:00am and her supper at 6:00pm. Even now she won't scarf it all down at once. Sometimes she'll leave some in her bowl and eat the rest later as a snack. But she definitely knows when it's time to eat!

It's a good thing that we do measure it out because she absolutely LOVES TOTW. I can't imagine how much she would weigh now if we didn't!
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Our current measuring device is an empty sour cream container (500 ml - approx 2 cups) and he gets approximately 1 scoop in the morning and 1 at night (although I found out Hubby has been giving him 1 1/2 or 2 when he feeds him).
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Rex currently is on Acana 3 cups.... 1 1/2 in Morning... 1 1/2 in PM.....

I bought a Dog Food Scoop off Ebay.. its a 1 - 2 cup..very handy!!

***Loves Baby Carrots, Pumpkin, Apples, Bananas/Peanut BUtter... Drools for Yogurt*** Pretty much will eat anything I give him but has his favorites he Dances for...front feet donts stop

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My two Boxer boys also eat Acana - plus some freeze-dried raw medallions, & intermittantly yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, ground meats, Paul Newman's Organic beef liver canned, home-made chicken soup (no onions).

My 70 pound American boy eats 5 cups Acana total (fed 2 times per day) & my 85 pound Euro-boy eats 4 cups Acana (fed 2 times per day). Although they are both at their "fighting weights", the American boy has a metabolism that every woman could only wish matter how much he eats, he's slim & trim. My Euro-boy is also at an optimum weight (he's slightly taller & proportionately longer) & mostly larger boned with a larger head. Two different body types.
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Amos is 13 months old,
Eats about 2.5 cups a day (we're looking to change that)
63 lbs.

I just read the RAW thread, and it's got me thinking.....this little bugger is way too picky. We've regrettably dressed his food with upgrades to get him to eat more, and it only made him pickier.
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Diesel is 10 months and high 40s for weight. He eats four cups of TOTW pacific stream. He has apple and yogurt grain free dog treats, and loves peanut butter and plain greek yogurt mixed with kibble
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I have no idea

I have 2 boxers, one weighs about 46 pounds, one weighs about 62 pounds.
We go through a 30 pound bag of food approximately every 18-21 days.
What that means per day, I have not a clue
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Reeko weighs 66lbs.
Eats ProPlan Performance
And eats 3 cups a day.

He likes his "Old Mother Hubbard Liver Bisquits"
~*Cindi*~ Mom to Reeko, CGC, Remi and numerous farm animals

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Aspen is almost 2 years old and she weights about 45 lbs.

She eats raw. At the moment only about 1 lbs per day because she isn't allowed to exercise due to a leg injury. When she's allowed to do her regular activities (4-6 hrs per day) she eats 2 lbs of raw per day.

She likes preservative free hot dogs as a snack.
Mom to Aspen

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My girls (and boys til my house is done) eat Kirkland adult lamb and rice, we free feed mostly but about 4 days a week my mom makes them breakfast, she basically adds goodies like cottage cheese, plain yogurt, a little low sodium chicken broth, raw egg. The baby eats Kirkland Puppy but snacks on the "big dog" food. snacks are hard cuz everyone likes something different but Sophie and Dozer love banana so we share our nanas with them!
**Serena** (Abby and Sophie's momma)

She's my beautiful UN-docked, floppy brindle girl!

She's my little docked, floppy brindle girl!

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