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We feed BB Freedom a 24lb bag last's us about 3 weeks.. And we pay $52 a bag..

Nico 7 months
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I pay 51.99 for a 30lbs bag of blue buffalo and it lasts me a little less than a week now that all my dogs are on adult food but I'm feeding my 7 boxers, my large golden retriever, our foster boxer Sarge and I've recently talked my mother into switching her 2 little ones from pedigree to blue buffalo as well. When we started feeding Sarge upstairs, my mother's little ones would scramble to Sarge's bowl when we fed him so we added them to our feeding regime as well.

If I buy only one bag on Saturday I have to get another by Thursday morning. So, feeding 9 large dogs and 2 small dogs, a bag lasts me 5 days with 2 feedings a day each. However, they obviously don't all get the same amount of food. My large golden retriever weighs 147lbs and he gets 3 1/2 cups a day divided between 2 meals. My adult boxers get 3 cups for Patch, 2 1/2 cups for Pumpkin, 2 1/2 for Sarge, 2 1/2 for Button and Flash, 2 cups each for the other 3 pups and 3/4 cup each for my moms little terriers. My other 3 pups are only a few pounds away from the next feeding increase.

So to feed 11 dogs, 9 large and two small, I'm spending approximately 75.00 for a one week period.
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I feed two female Boxers Acana Pacifica (2 cups per dog/day) and a 28.6lb bag lasts about 3 weeks.

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We're feeding Achilles, our 80 pound male boxer, BB grain free. Currently, he eats 2 cups, twice a day so the largest bag (25 lbs I think, $90) is lasting a month.

Achilles is new to our family (we recused him about a month ago) and he was eating Pedigree dog chow when we got him, he was eating 4 cups, twice a day on that food!

I'm not sure he's getting enough now though. He seems to be loosing some weight and is looking thinner but he's had surgeries recently.

Hearing that others are feeding 2 cups a day makes me wonder if I shouldn't increase his food intake though!


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Thanks for all of the answers guys! I'm pretty confident now that I'm getting away with spending less on raw.

If my two eat out of the same bag at $55 (roughly) and I ended up having to buy two bags a month that comes out to $110.

With raw I just spent $68 for the bone side of their diet (chicken legs and turkey necks) and should be able to get at least a month and a half if not two out of it (my last shipment Abby was still getting bone in meals for morning and night) and the boneless side of things I'll be placing an order for $44 to cover at least a month. I'll still be picking up some meats at my grocery store too so that'll be roughly $20-$30 a month I'm guessing. So that would come out to about $142 and should cover nearly 2 months. I'm going to pay attention to how long things last with this next order so I can be certain.
Mandy, loving mom to...

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This is my first boxer ( I have 2 other dogs too 14 and 8 years old). My boxer girl Lucy is 7 weeks now how much should I feed her and should I soak the food and how can I grate train her she is so attached already

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You get 100 cups of kibble from a 25 lb bag.We feed Brothers complete that is grain and potato free and a dense nutient food.A bag last me about 8 weeks for my one Boxer gal.She gets 1 1/2 cups per day and she weighs 68 lbs.I also stretch out the bag by adding fresh foods such as chicken gizzards,beef stew meat,beef heart,sardines,ground venison,ground turkey,organic eggs.I buy meat that is marked down so it is cost effective.I also add 1/3 rd can of tripett green tripe 3 gays a week.She is always excited at meal time as she gets lots of quality animal protein.When we rescued her she had a dark patch on her left side and hair missing on her elbows and the end of her nub tail.Since going to a high quality kibble and fresh food all her hair is back and the patch is gone.She also gets a marrow bone every thursday evening from our local meat locker and her teeth are perfect.I believe the mixing of fresh and high quality kibble is a great way to go.She also gets a tablespoon of plain greek yogurt before bedtime.Shiney soft coat,clear eyes,energy,and lean strong muscle mass.We also walk 3 miles every day.The nutrient most don't realize important is water.Fresh filtered water twice a day.I give her a capsule of organic Indian Turmeric and pressed fresh garlic (2 cloves) twice a week.Great anti-inflammatory and natural immune boosters and digestive aid.Also a sprinkle of digestive enzymes a couple times a week.I try to keep her carbs low as we all know our Boxers are prone to cancer.Sorry for rambling but I love the boxer breed so much I could talk 24/7 about them.And I enjoy every photo you guys post on this forum.Great site for us Boxer lovers.My Boxer Jubilee is 5 years old and we have had her for 2 1/2 years now.I'm new to this site and look forward to all of your post...
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When Octane and Rally ate the same food it took close to three weeks(about 17days) to go through a 13.5kg bag of Orijen. Which costs $84.99 a bag.

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We feed earthborn grain free and get the large 28lb bag for 51.99 and it lasts about 2 to 2 1/2 weeks.

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Tessa, Mom to Rusty and Dually

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I have a 4 yr old female that weighs 60 lbs, we go through a 20lb. Sack every two weeks!

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