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Default Need advice on changing dog foods please help.

I have a 2 year old boxer that we have tried some different foods on, and unfortunately the only one that we have found that she either likes or does not upset her stomach is one called Retriever that we purchase at the Tractor Supply Store, and I know that it is poop food and I hate it. We did try her on Blue Buffalo and it had given her a very severe UTI with crystals. I do not know much about foods and just would like some honest advice. She seems to like the cheaper foods and they do not cause her to have a loose stool and so on. We are also getting another boxer puppy next week and want to start him off right on the right food. He is eating a food that we do not have over here in the states called Happy Dog. I would like to go grain free for them both as I think it would be best for them. Our two year old female is also on the thin side where we can see a couple of her back vertebrae when she bends down and I don't really like that. We been her about 3 1/2 - 4 cups a day twice a day. We can not afford the premium end food but looking like in the mid-maybe high range if that makes sense..Some one suggested Royal Canin (SP?) but I am not to sure about that.
Any help and suggestions will be great!
I have also thought about maybe trying to the RAW diet but no really sure about that either. I just want the best for our furry children.
Thank you!
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we have had ours on earthborn for 6 months now. After trying a couple other brands for our first dog Rusty he has done the best on earthborn holistic grain free. Dually our year old female had such stomach issues when we tried to take her from her puppy to Rustys old food. We finally took a very very slow transition from her puppy food to the earthborn grain free and it took like 3 weeks but once fully on this she is doing great and has been on it since october/november. She is doing awesome, and both have good firm poops and less poop per day.

we get earthborn holistic grain free meadow feast at pet valu for 53.99 for a 28lb bag that last like 2, 2 1/2 weeks. With pet valu they have a store rewards card thats free and after you earn 200 points you get $10 off. Which for every dollar you spend you earn a point. we earn that very quickly.

good luck and there are some threads on here about dog food and you can search in google for dog food ratings that helped me.
Tessa, Mom to Rusty and Dually

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My 2 are currently on Canine Caviar Holistic Grain Free - They have done well with it so far and the love eating it. I like that it has one protein source, gluten free and one carb. I hear that this is good for dogs with UTI issues. Daisy and Duke have very sensitive digestion because they had Parvo as pups so I have to be very careful on what I feed them or their tummies get very upset.

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I feed Kippah 4Health not the best food but certainly not the worst. Its the only food thus far she has done well on.
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I have Angus on 4health food as well. He is on the puppy formula and is doing great on it. Very shiny, soft fur. He seems to love it and it agrees with him. Good price too. I am tossing around the idea of going grain free when its time to make the switch to adult food, but I don't know. He took to this so well, i hate to start a problem. (You can get 4health at Tractor Supply, too.)
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A couple years ago, both Maggie and Mongo each had 3 uti's in one year and Maggie had struvite crystals.
I did quite a bit of research at that time and found out a few things.

1. If your tap water (and mine is) is high in minerals it can contribute to crystals/uti - I bought a Brita water pitcher and I fill their water dish from that.

2. Cranberry with D-Mannose can help flush bacteria from the bladder because it doesn't allow it to "stick" to the bladder and crystals usually form around bacteria. Both Maggie and Mongo are on supplements. You can get it from Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, Amazon and other health food store.

3. A kibble high in protein can contribute to crystals/uti.
Your choices of grain free - low protein kibbles are on the low side.
TOTW has 2 formulas at 25 percent (Sierra mountain and Pacific Stream) Pacific Stream made my two shed a lot, they did well on Sierra Mountain. TOTW has had a lot of recalls though.
Earthborn Holistic has one formula that is 26 percent. - Meadow Feast - this is what I've been feeding lately.
Natural Balance makes a few a few grain free kibbles that are lower in protein, the last time I had a bag of that (not too long ago) because i wanted to use it in rotation, my girl Maggie threw up a few times (not sure why, but didn't buy another bag). I used to feed it a year or so ago with no problems though. Some of their formulas are made in the same factory as TOTW, so you have to be wary of recalls.
Here is their website:
Dog Dry LID Limited Ingredient Diets - Natural Balance Pet Foods

There might be others, but I don't know what they are off hand. You'd have to do a bit of research.

Oh, one more thing - since I made the changes I listed above - no uti's in over 2 years for either of them.

Lynne- Owned by and Slave to Maggie and Mongo

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Thanks for the suggestions. A friend of mine had spoken about The Call of The wild. I also was looking into Nutro Ultra and a few others. We have a pur water filter that we use for us and our dogs, is that just as good as Brita? I just want to go the best for my boxers as they are my family members.
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Raw is scary at first but once you get settled into a routine with it it's actually pretty easy. We gave up on kibble after the big recall in the summer.

Re: the water filter a Pur filter is just as good as a brita.
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If you have a costco near you they carry natures domain in alot of their stores it is supposed to be close to taste of the wild but more $$ friendly. I believe it is made in diamond factories which as prior posters noted there have been prior recalls.
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Where is your puppy coming from? Happy Dog food is a European dog food. I just assumed you were getting him from a European breeder in the US.

If you can not afford highend grain free kibbles then you can't afford Raw. You can get Natures Domain for a decent price and its still grain fee. It is only available at Costco.
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