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Default New Virginia law (Dangerous Dogs Breeds Lists)

I seen on CNN News today about Virginias new law about the dangerous dogs breed list. If you own a dog that is on the list you have to; spay/neuter the animal, pay a registration fee of $100, $35 renewal fee annually, get a special dog collar that is the color red and it has "DANGEROUS" printed on it so that when you take them out of your property they will be recognized publicly, and have DANGEROUS DOG sign on your property that has like a drawing of a German Shephard showing its teeth.

It is the pet as an individual, not the breed, and 99% of it is the owners that make a dog the way it is, I just dont understand this stupid law. I noticed boxers are on their list as well and if it is mixed with one that is on there they are to get the same treatment. I think this is just ridiculous. All it is , is that the state is just trying to find a new way of making more money. If i lived there i would tell them to shove off and i wouldnt do any of that crap just because my dogs breed *is on a stupid list. I know i am not the best pet owner out there but i dont make my dog vicious, yeah Zeus has a behavioral issue while he is on the lead and there is a reason behind that but not towards people. They are both the sweetest and playfulest ones when they arent on a lead. There are reasons if a dog is vicious and it angers me that they put it out there just because of a breed of an animal. A little chihauha could be more vicious than the dogs on the lists.

If Texas comes up with this same type of deal, they are going to be writing me lots of tickets and citations because i will not and i refuse to go by these laws.
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Default Re: New Virginia law (Dangerous Dogs Breeds Lists)

I'll stand right there with you bro!!!

Liz and Lilly

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Default Re: New Virginia law (Dangerous Dogs Breeds Lists)

That is by far one of the dumbest laws I've ever heard of...and the fact that Boxers are on that list. *Since when are Boxers dangerous?! *They better not pass that law in NJ.
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Default Re: New Virginia law (Dangerous Dogs Breeds Lists)

In Ireland there are 11 breeds on the "dangerous" list, which means that when they are out in public they must be muzzled, kept on a short lead and cannot be handled by a person under the age of 16. *However, Dublin City Council is currently considering a total ban on all of these breeds being kept in any of their properties (i.e. people living in council houses or apartments will not be allowed to have any of these breeds as pets). *Thankfully there seems to be very little support for the proposal so far, and the DSPCA and ISPCA have publicly denounced it. *The eleven breeds in question are the American Pitbull Terrier, English Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Bull Mastiff, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd (Alsatian), Rhodesian Ridgeback, Rottweiler, Japanese Akita, Japanese Tosa and Bandog and strains and crosses of these dogs.

I have never heard of the Boxer being put on a danger list. *I would advise anyone living in an area where they are listed as dangerous to write to their local government representative asking for a detailed explanation of the factors on which they based their decision.
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Default Re: New Virginia law (Dangerous Dogs Breeds Lists)

Ridiculous!! Unfortunately though, Boxers are in the Bully Breed group and that's how they come up with this crap. Did that actually pass, or are they trying to get it passed?
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Default Re: New Virginia law (Dangerous Dogs Breeds Lists)

God i hope it didnt pass!! that is total B.S!!! I agree with the spay/neuter part- everyone should do that. I can even see the registration to keep track of the increase/decrease of certain breeds, but having to wear a "DANGEROUS" collar?? and BOXERS being on that list???

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Default Re: New Virginia law (Dangerous Dogs Breeds Lists)

It is truly amazing the things our "elected" officials come up with isn't it..Sadly, it was bound to happen tho..A friend in Arkansas said that there was an article in the news about a boxer attacking a child..A boxer! Tryin got get more info about it, but it's things like that which lead to our precious babies being included in laws like that..Any dog, including a boxer can attack if provoked, we all know that, but a huge part of that has to do with the owner as well. I hate to see this happen and I guess we all will be breaking the law if this continues..I agree that spaying and neuting should be done, but making our babies wear special collars? And have to pay more for the privelege of having one? That is ridiculous. I am sure that the thought is it will discourage people from keeping unsafe dogs, well that ain't going to happen. All it will end up doing is making things worse!
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Default Re: New Virginia law (Dangerous Dogs Breeds Lists)

It has already passed in Virginia, they showed a couple that had a family pet. They were saying how embarrassingit was for them to have done all of this. It had showed the collar and sign and etc. The dog wasnt vicious at all and it almost looked like a lab and maybe mixed.

So yeah it is already a up and running deal.
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Default Re: New Virginia law (Dangerous Dogs Breeds Lists)

Boxers may have made the list because of their "ominous" look, which is why some people get them (to deter would be wrong do-ers). Even though they usually won't bite a hot biscuit with butter!! It's just ignorance and prejudice. It is absolutely no different than racism against people. Boxers are a Molossor (may or may not have spelled that right) breed which means they are very closely related to APBTs, Staffodrshire Bulls, etc, that are at the constant center of media attention. Dobermans were under the microscope with the media, then the German shephard, then Rottweilers, and now it's Pit Bulls. It's funny when you consider the Pit is one of FEW breeds that was NEVER bred for dog-human aggression!!! The number of pit bull attacks is actually fewer than lots of other breeds (cocker spaniels, even dalmations. Just search the internet and there's a myriad of info on bite statistics), but the media has such a field day with certain breeds. It's really sad. Even my wife is afraid of having a Pit in our house. But all she's seen is the media out to get them. I can honestly think of no other breed that I would want at home watching my family than a Pit. They love their families so much and would die unquestionably to protect them. But that's not what the media is feeding people. Whatever it takes to shock people and make them watch tv or read the paper. I love pits, dobies, hell all breeds. A dog is only as good as his master. Period. I read a bumper sticker the other day when I was sitting in traffic that had a headshot of a beautiful Pit with a caption that read "If you think I'm a monster, look who's running our country". Not wanting to stir up any political discussion, I just thought that was a good bumper sticker. All I can say is long live the pit bull and every other breed for that matter. The whole BSL thing is bullsxxt and makes me sick when I think of it. Just my .02--Rich
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Default Re: New Virginia law (Dangerous Dogs Breeds Lists)

The VA Dangerous Dog Registry is not breed-specific - state law prohibits BSL In VA. *Any dog or any breed or mix that is found in court to be "dangerous" must be placed on the registry. *There are some serious flaws IMO with the legislation, not least of which is the public availability of the owner's insurance company and policy number and the dog's microchip number. *I'm not sure what list you saw, so can't comment - it may have been an insurance company 'non-insured breeds' list, as Boxers are turning up on those more often lately.
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