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Default Why do we need a water trough????

Does anyone know, or have this same issue with their Boxer?
Our 7.5 year old female (healthy weight) Boxer appears to need to drink more and more water. But here lately, we feel like we need to get her a water trough. We literally have to say "Roxie" loudly to get her to stop drinking. We timed her the other day while she drank out of the bowl for a straight 2 minutes and 41 seconds. How in the heck does she breathe??? And yes, she needs outside to potty often. Early this morning she had to go out to potty, so we thought, but she ended up drinking out of our chiminea. What the heck???

Now, to eliminate a few questions, she is an neutered. She is also an indoor dog.

I have friends with Boxers and their's doesn't have this issue. Curious to know if we are the only ones out here.

Oh, and to make matters more frustrating, Roxie MUST find a leg to rub her wet face on right after. She's got habits that are driving us nuts...
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I would definetly be concerned enough for a visit to the vet. Is she on any medications? There are many reasons for excessive thirst, among them are kidney or liver issues, diabetes, pyometra (infection in the uterus of unspayed dogs) and cushings. In any case it is a sign of something changing so I would get her to the vet for testing.
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I agree with luvarescue 100%, excessive thirst is also a sign of lymphoma.
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I would definitely have your vet take a look at her. She is displaying signs of Polydipsia and Polyuria, excessive thirst and urination. It could be a symptom of a urinary tract infection, however with those, they normally have accidents in the house and urinate much more frequently and smaller amounts. It can also be an early sign of a medical condition, including but not limited to, kidney insufficiency, diabetes, and adrenal gland diseases. The vet will probably want a urine sample to rule out any infections or sediment in her urine.

I hope everything ends up okay, please keep us updated on what the vet finds. :]

*Sending good vibes*

oops...didnt know i repeated what someone had already mentioned. my bad!

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Well,if Valant behavior is any indication,it can be normal as well;

Older dogs drink more.

Valant barely drinks from October to April,but May to September,I got to carry a 2L of water whenever we go out and he begs for it.

He doesnt drink much when we get back home after our walk either.

Granted,half goes on the ground but he requires 3|4 to the full bottle every day,inside 2 hrs.
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Kosmo has always drank alot of water too, we keep little hand towels around for his big drinky face he always tries to wipe on us as well.
Karma doesn't drink anywhere close to the amount that he does either.
Both of mine go to the vet regularly. Kosmo doesn't have any medical issues, just always been a thirsty boy, the hotter it is & the more active they are the more and more he drinks.
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Our girl is almost 9 and she drinks like an elephant... We too have to tell her to stop. But she goes to the vet annually and she's completely healthy. They are extremely active dogs...If i bounced around as much as she does, I'd probably drink like that too! 9 years old and still as energetic as she was when she was a pup...these dogs are unreal.
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Wow! Our Chew does that too. He is 8 1/2 and we always have to say enough chew! Problem is when he does it and we don't catch it, he will turn around and with in a few min., he throws up water. He is pretty active and has not been neutered.

....and about trying to wipe off his mouth, LOL, oh he thinks he is so slick about it, he will come up and act like he is just loving on you while all he is doing wiping his goobers all over you hahaha...
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Does she have access to water all day?! Ours drink like crazies after they get out of their crate, but they don't have water in there during the day. We tried the water bottles but Paxton just eats the spring thing or whatever we put it up there with. So they suck down water like crazy when we get home...but it was different when they had water in their crates during the day

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Filbert drinks excessively as well. We have to yell his name to get his attention away from the water bowl.
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