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They have some nice specimens and it looks like they health test and sell large euro style boxers. I was browsing there page years ago before I got Nemo but didnt want to get my boxer shipped I was worried what type of mess there would be in the crate from the plane ride.
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Personally i think they breed way too much, did you notice how many females they have, i'd rather purchase a puppy from somebody who breeds for quality not quantity, if your dogs are good there is no reason to have that many litters on the ground other than to make money selling puppies, I didn't see anything about holter monitoring either... i would keep looking for another breeder.
Infinity Boxers, Northern, NJ

Infinity Boxers pics, click on link below

"A" Litter Video (Ambition, Audition, Addition, Attraction, Affair)
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White Pine Boxers is about the best in KY I could find. But they don't list their health testings and I don't remember exactly what they told me about it when I was talking to them years ago, so you would have to message them about that. But they're worth checking into. They do have a LOT of dogs though, but they seem to be very well equipped for them.
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Hi --- I post from personal experience only:

I own TWO beautiful, healthy, amazing Boxers from BigMac Boxers. My dogs (one male/one female) are nearly three & five yrs. of age respectively. These Boxers I own are the old-fashioned style (my phrasing here...explanation will follow) looking much more like the Boxers that were first imported into the US decades ago & appear much more like the Boxers that are bred in Germany/Italy as working dogs - NOT like the taller/more elegant/leggier/finer boned/longer muzzle Boxers you typically see in the states.

As far as temperament from BigMac? Their temperament matches their body type: courageous/more dominant/VERY "drivey"/NATURALLY (seriously) obedient: her dogs are exceptionally tractable and always seek to please/easy to train. And just to make it clear - although these are the type of Boxers that you can easily & effectively become involved in Schutzhund or French Ring or even personal protection training with - they are NOT aggressive and are FABULOUS with little kids. They are, simply, - because of their European or more perhaps properly put Continental lineage - a working lined Boxer - one meant to have a job: search & rescue/Schutzhund/etc...
Will they EVER win in the show ring in the US? Probably not; although I do believe she has shown specimens from her American lines - but these are stocky, beefy, larger-boned dogs built to work. Does Jeannie work her dogs? I cannot say for certain, honestly BUT my dogs' pedigrees are LOADED with working dog titles including Schutzhund Three titles - simply because they come from import backgrounds. Hence their offspring CAN be worked & are ready/willing & able to be worked at the drop of a hat.

I could not be MORE happy with my dogs from BigMac. I also own a Boxer from a breeder here in the US - and although I love him, he is hyper/slightly neurotic/has zero protection/guard ability/ and is the lanky leggy style the show ring greatly seems to prefer in this country albeit not so in, for example, Germany.

In conclusion - I have ZERO ties to BigMac kennels other than owning two of their dogs. I live in Vermont far far from Kentucky & have never personally met Jeannie. Do they breed too frequently? I'd say "yes" - Do they make a profit from the breeding? I'd again say "yes" - but are they a puppy mill in the sense of keeping breeders in horrific conditions or not administering vet care or not completing health testing on their breeding stock or not socializing or caring for their dogs & pups? Absolutely not. Here's the thing: They produce GREAT dogs, (if you are seeking a working type dog not one for the show ring necessarily) in turn they know that millions of people are looking to add a Boxer to their family in the US, (after all, they are unfortunately a breed in the top 10 in so far as popularity) and so I assume their theory might be: If we health test our stock & keep them healthy & loved & see a vet regularly - why NOT profit from a breeding program? Am I condoning this? NO. But welcome to the USA - land of capitalism wherein so MANY breeders of every breed known are engaged in the same thing whether they deny it or not.

So all in all: I could not be ANY happier than I am with my BigMac Boxer dogs. They are healthy (been halter monitor tested by my veterinary cardiologist) & sires & dams were both OFA clear w/ either excellent or good ratings. So there are likely pros & cons but overall? If my experience is any indicator, I believe you will be thrilled with one of their European or Continental or imported lineage pups.

If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me & I'll assist in any way I can. Good Luck.
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More on Big Mac:

I hadn't been on Jeannie's site for approximately two years - but if you click on the individual dogs (both male & female) you will see that these dogs' HAVE BEEN health tested & have documentable clearances as I recalled - she routinely does heart, hips & eyes. *** Also, it appears from her site that she is showing much more than I thought & recites shows & titles accordingly. Also, she does work a number of those breeding dogs & lists the titles as well. Just thought I'd go back on as I hadn't been for a while.

Look, I know that there are excellent breeders that post regularly on this site and are more than obviously reputable & have great concern for the breed. But I think also that there are decent breeders out there too who - as standards go - own a lot of dogs and breed more than is probably recommended HOWEVER that does NOT necessarily mean that those dogs are not loved, well cared for or socialized; it CAN mean such, but again, I can tell you from personal experience, my BigMac Boxers are the best & are healthy & are intelligent & are beautiful; getting complimented constantly every time I just take them out & about anywhere.

I guess everyone has a different focus or a different perspective on breeding, but I think there's room for everyone ---- as long as they are committed to breeding HEALTHY dogs via health-cleared stock & the pups are well socialized - and I can attest to the fact that this breeder does just that.
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As a personal friend of the McElroy's, I must say she does not overbreed. I know from experience working with her litters that her females are bred two to three times then are fixed and mostly sold to other people. Does she breed multiple females at the same time, yes. Is she a puppy mill, NO! She has some of the best care for her puppies and all of her females wait a year before being bred again. She loves these dogs just like they are her children. One of the reasons they are so good with children and other dogs is because of the way she cares for them. They are constantly around her children and other dogs and she will get rid of a dog that tries to fight or otherwise harm another dog immediately.

Her males have been replaced, especially a lot in the last few years. To help prevent inbred puppies, no same male and female in the same lineage are bred to each other.

Yes she does make a lot of money off this but she does it because it's her passion. I've known her since her first boxer Mac was alive, he was an absolutely wonderful dog and we were all heart broken when we passed. Every dog Jeannie breeds is not only in memory of Mac, but is not to her standards if it is not just like Mac in every way. Her passion did start with showing the dogs and has since moved to breeding but her love for her dogs and the breed itself has only grown.

Her dogs can be a little hyper, but only if they are from the first litter from an import directly from Germany. She has had a lot of problems with those dogs in the past and that's the reason she has gotten rid of many of them.

I've seen many breeders and showers since knowing Jeannie, and I have to say she takes the best care of these dogs. Their kennel is just as nice as their house and if they aren't in the kennel, they are in the house. Half of their basement is for birthing, she has a dog wash in her kennel and won't wash her dogs without hot water. If it's cold outside, they are inside, if they need a bath, they get it in her house and stay in her house.

She can be hard to get a hold of but don't doubt that she's an amazing breeder. She not only is a great breeder but a great care taker to these dogs. She does make a lot of money off of this, and that's mainly why she doesn't hold dogs for long. She can sometimes have a very long waiting list, which have included celebrities, Sandra Bullock visited her kennel around six years looking for a dog for Jesse James. If you tell her you want a puppy and she has one left, she won't wait on you because someone else will approach her ready for that dog now.

She's only had maybe one puppy die within a year, her dog Mac was 12 or so when he died and that's what their lifespan usually is. She has a warranty on all of her dogs, and she means it, it's a professionally drawn out contract.

She's an amazing breeder there's no doubt, but yes she does breed a lot.
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I'm not certain that a "personal friend" of Jeannie is the most "unbiased" critique of anyone's breeding program, but as I posted prior to your post in great detail - I have two Boxers of hers & could not be happier and I am NOT a personal friend of hers at all.

In addition, Boxers imported from Germany should not be characterized as "hyper" but rather true working dogs with the requisite degree of energy & stamina & drive to work for hours on end without tiring. If Americans simply like the "look" of a Boxer but do not appreciate what they were bred to do and why they require a job to do and how their temperament reflects, as it should, upon those traits --- they should not be purchasing this breed. I again presume that Ms. McElroy did not continue to utilize the Boxers in question you speak of for that reason, but rather a more justifiable reason that you are potentially not aware of. In fact, I believe Jeannie breeds specifically for working ability and DOES work her dogs.

Lastly, I don't think it's a wise choice of words to state that Jeannie "got rid of" dogs within her breeding program. And in fact I'm certainly hoping that that is NOT what Jeannie in fact did. Should any breeder decide any specimen is not appropriate for their program/lines, the dog requires being re-homed after a thorough screening process in which perspective adopters have their veterinary references/personal refences carefully checked and ideally a home visit made and a detailed contract drawn out. "Getting rid of" dogs is not anthing a responsible breeder or dog owner should ever be contemplating never the less actually doing. And again, I would hope that Jeannie M. herself would find fault with & wish to correct such an inference. In addition, celebrity endorsements would be the last reason for attaining a dog from a particular breeder that I can think of - it holds absolutely no water to me unless Ms. Sandra Bullock has become an expert in the Boxer breed since last I heard.

Perhaps at this point it would be best tohave this breeder herself speak to these issues on the forum herself. That being all said, I again maintain I have two Boxers from this breeder and they are healthy, gorgeous, athletic, naturally obedient (as the old time German Sheperds were once referred to as) protective, fantastic with kids, large boned, & much more Germanic in appearance than the American lines tend to be - i.e.: much more like Stockman's dogs & early imports to the U.S.

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Default Updates

Any new info on Big Mac.
I'm also interested in an upcoming litter.
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