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Don't take it so hard. I also live in an old person neighborhood lol, and a lot of people will assume that he's vicious. When we went to Florida to the beach a lot of people wanted to pet him when we were eating and they're all so scared "does he bite" oh god no, he's like a little butterfly lol. I've heard it a million times but it will never stop. Hopefully if there's ever an intruder he will also assume Rosco is a vicious evil monster who will bite his arm off lol! Oh and usually kids are scared too, but in Halloween Rosco and I sat outside and he sat a little bit behind me of course for the little scared kiddos an parents, but instead of being scared they all wanted to pet him and he loved it ALL

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yep. One time at the dog park, Roxie was playing with another dog and some lady says, "does your pitbull always attack other dogs like this?" Looking back, I should have just answered, "Yep!"

I'm trying to learn not to let it bother me so much
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Haha that's funny people watch mine play with their good friends and the growling and craziness an will either leave or ask are they hurting each other. It's like no they're playing as dogs do. People are nuts. I will defend my babies against the idiots of this world. I often give people who are rude to us bc our breed a good education lol

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I live right near an old folks residence and we have walking trails all around and we often see the elderly walking on the trails. At first Duke barked at the people with walkers, but now he just stares and tries to get closer to them. I've never noticed if they gave us dirty looks. I don't pay much attention to other people. lol I just go about my business!
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In my old neighborhood I got a few looks, but my neighborhood is much better. There are a lot of bigger dogs in my neighborhood. I've seen a great dane, 2 dobermans, labs, german shepherds, golden retrievers, and even a couple of boxers (no idea where they live in relation to me).

Usually it's me who crosses the road when I see people coming in my direction. I've found it's best for me and my dogs to be proactive and cross before they have a chance. A few people have asked if my dogs are mean and when I say no they'll ask to say hi to them, but for the most part we just exchange hello's as we pass by.

It's sad that so many people assume that boxers are such vicious dogs without knowing anything about them, but at the same time I guess it's a good thing since it means people are less likely to mess with you. We know the truth about this breed and we treasure them so it's their loss really if they don't want to discover the truth.
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Non-dog people (and even some dog owners) seem to be afraid anything that's medium-sized and blocky with a short snout and short fur is a pitbull nowadays. That's why we carry a copy of Ginger's registration with us wherever we go - in case some uneducated fool freaks out excessively.

With that said, with only one exception almost everyone that's met Ginger will say, "Oh what a pretty boxer!" to us. Our one exception regarding her breed actually came this Saturday, when we took her with us to the bank (our bank allows dogs inside). While were waiting in line, an older woman came over to us and asked, "Is she purebred? I had a pit/boxer mix that looked just like your dog.". I just politely told the woman that Ginger is definitely purebred and that I had the papers to prove it. She chuckled and nodded, I grinned, and we went on about our business. I guess we're lucky that most people in our neighborhood know the differences between pits and boxers, and that almost all the pits that live around here are friendly dogs.

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I believe much of this behavior & associated misinformation about our breed and others has been caused by BSL or breed specific legislation which is rampant all over now including in many other countries.

BSL is to dogs the way the 17th Century New England Witch Hunts were to people. People/dogs are catagorized by how they look primarily and then demonized for it.

It is very difficult to educate the masses and it typically requires entire social revolutions. Therefore, unless you are willing to emBARK upon a cultural revolution on behalf of many dog breeds, just ignore people if they are behaving in ill-mannered or ignorant fashion.
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we have tons of pits and pit mixes in my area and my daughter has to take proof that she is walking BOXERS with her as the law states no one under 21 can walk a Pitt or a Pitt mix here 90% of the people in our area assume all dogs are Pitts if they have short hair including city employees and people who work for animal control they unfortunately tend to put down first or even shoot first and find out later what breed it was we recently had an officer involved shooting with a boxer mix that cost the dog its life and of course it was ruled justified since the dog was barking and jumping at the door the officer was knocking at to serve a warrant and that could have opened he shot it thru the screen door in its own house!! in front of the family including kids thats why we all carry proof that we have Boxers not Pitts its just wrong but unfortunately the way it is here
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