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Default Went for a walk today

Sebastian and I went for a walk today and I noticed a lot of the older people out walking seems scared of him. It really bothered me. Sebastian is only 5 months and is just a love bug. I understand some people don't like dogs but they should keep their comments and rude looks to themselves!

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I hear you! We go through this all the time. People cross the street when they see us coming, or give us dirty looks. We live on a fairly "older" street and someone called animal control saying our house was full of pit bulls. Gotta love miseducated people.
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Ha ha ha, not my neighborhood! My next door neighbor two St Bernard's and a Newfoundland! Another neighbor has two pits, one has a Rottweiler... And there's some random collies and other medium sized dogs. We actually got laughed at bc of penny our min pin, ha ha ha!!! Now we are in the big dog club like everyone else!

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I get that people are scared but they are all so quick to make rude comments about our babies

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i get that all the time..People will leave the dog park or ask me to leave before i even get there, cross the street, give me the stink eye..etc..
these are people that have never met Kona. Anyone that knows him loves him..he is so sweet and submissive
stupid,uneducated people
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I'm lucky in that since I live in the country, I have very few neighbors and one of them used to show and breed boxers. She's been a love and always looks forward to visiting with them on the occasions when I take them out to the front yard. My other few neighbors don't have dogs but like the security that our dogs offer our little corner of the world as they alert on everything out of the ordinary.
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Yes I have noticed the same & I don't get it. At obedience class I got "vibes" from some (not all). Mind you, Reuben is rambunctious to say the least, but certainly not mean. He is a boxer pup! I do think people associate their look with pits. The fact that there has been a lot of talk lately about pit-boxer mixes I think is another influence. Duh, they breed them to temper the pit. The ironic part is that the problem child in our class was a golden retriever mix. He attacked a chocolate lab female when we were leaving class, and another time he got away from his owner (a disabled elderly man) and ran over to Reuben. Thank God nothing happened. When I have the opportunity I try to tell people about why we love boxers and all of their good qualities. Many just don't know anything about them! I was there before we got our 1st, now I can't imagine life without one.
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I also live in a older neighborhood but after answering "is she mean" twenty times and letting them pet her it turned out good. Now we have stops so she can visit a few when they are outside.
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I just try and ignore them, its very hard at times though...

Just yesterdy, Bosley and I were out on a walk and we were just turning the corner from the house when this older lady gets out of her car. She smiles at us while we are walking by. Bosley is being a ham and is barely able to walk as he is wiggling too much (he loves older people and small children) so she asks is he friendly. I said, if he was any more friendly he would be falling over. She asks to pet him and I said sure thing! She asks 'does he jump?' and I said no, he's very good with his manners.
Anyways, I put him in a sit and she goes to pet him but is holding her hand closed like she has something in it. Bosley being the nosy bugger that he is sometimes, thinks she has something for him of course. So he starts doing this weird stretching/sorta jumping thing to see what she has. The lady keeps her hand closed and is now holding it up so that he doesn't touch her. I tell her that he thinks you have something in your hand, and I'm sort of laughing about it and the lady completely freaks at me!
Then I got this huge lecture on how I said he didnt jump and he was jumping and that with dogs like 'those' I should have invested more training, blah blah blah. Not once did Bos even touch her, not a lick or a sniff. Nothing.

Anyways, I am not one to disrespect the elderly so I politely told her that he was only acting curious because you were holding your hand incorrectly and making it look like you had something in it and to have a nice day. We just walked away after that.

I've had people stare, and point and actually ask why my 'pittbull' wasn't muzzled.

Very frustrating.......
Valerie **Bosley's Mom** DOB 02-11-10

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I've had a few people look when I walk Pheona (but she's also on the smaller side). I've also had a few people ask me if she is a Pit Bull. She doesn't look an ounce of Pit to me. In front of our dog trainer something moved away & remarked about her being a Pit. So our trainer politely told them that no, she's not a Pit. Later that evening someone questioned what kind of dog she has (her dog was in class) & she said German Shepard. The guy says no, that isn't so she says okay then you win...he's really a French Poodle. LOL
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