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Default Dog park issues

My 2 year old fawn female, Lorelei, is always a welcomed guest at the dog park. At least for the first couple minutes....
Lorelei starts drooling and foaming so bad that she successfully smears spit on everyone at the park. People included! I know that this is just her getting worked up running around in circles for ten minutes straight, but I can't help but wonder if the amount of slobber is average. I mean- we're talking stringing down to the ground slobber. And because she is running and playing so hard, the slobber looks like foam. I wonder if the other "moms and dads" think she has rabies! They make remarks like, "is that normal?" "has she had her shots?"

I tried to bring a towel once to the dog park, but that proved completely useless against the power of the slobber.

And also- as all boxers do, she loves to box the other dogs! On two separate occasions now, other parents have tried to get in the middle of a scuttle between ours and another dog thinking Lorelei was hurting the other dog. Matter of fact, one of those people actually kicked Lorelei to try to stop it. That didn't go over well with my husband!!! Dog park issues-imageuploadedbypg-free1353769120.652891.jpg
Sometimes I wish we had a dog park section just for boxers so I wouldn't have to deal with this!

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yup...long stringy drool...gross but normal...
Kona sounds like he is killing something when he plays..anyone that knows him laughs but people who are unfamiliar go into panic mode...
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Yeah... that's why we avoid dog parks. No one but Boxer owners & boxers gets our breed's sense of humor among other idiosyncrasies. I find that if it's a different type of breed, usually they have learned the Boxer's wicked ways from having been socialized with boxers.
(Regular) People are always yelling and lecturing me about getting Gracie into obedience training, other Boxer owners are always complimenting us at how well behaved she is. there you go.

p.s. As far as the slobbers go. Boxers are always making sure everyone is properly moisturized.
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I have learned over time that people who don't own boxers don't know that is how they are. We had an awesome instructor for training who would inform people from the beginning the way boxers are so not to think Pheona is doing something wrong when she'd give the dogs free play at the end of our sessions. She'd also give people the right to leave if they didn't feel comfortable. Pheona became great friends with an Airedale Terrier & the owner loved Pheona. We've gotten the girls together a few times & others tend to look at us cause we just let them play.
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I agree- a boxer only dog park would be amazing!
Krissi -- Mama of Bentley & Zoe

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I took my girls to an off leash park today for the first time. They had sooo much fun!!! There were at least 20 dogs there and everyone was so behaved. Nikki had a blast. Hailey just hung out with me but she had fun too. I can't believe anyone could kick your dog!!! That is disgusting!!! I'm glad my first experience was a good one. I can't wait to take them again.

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LOL @ The dream of having a boxer only dog park. I have noticed since having a boxer that people like to come up to me and tell me about somebody they know who has a boxer. This breed is definitely unique but I wonder if people do that for other dog breeds. Getting back on topic, yes it is pretty normal for them to slobber like crazy, and I like parks with a lot of boxers too
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Agree with all. Welcome to the spit-fest. Our home walls have the "shaken, not stirred" splash marks. Boxers do play agressively and most dog owners are not aware. I personally box my girl right back (swat swat) and she loves it! I've found labradoodles and feisty pugs are best, but you've got to educate owners as soon as you enter the park. hey, my boxer will sound agressive and hit, but it is normal. if they are not comfortable, you should leave. If there is a message board, post for a Boxer playdate. At our park, we had 10 show up. Ruled the park that day and others got an education.
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I took Wyatt to the dog park for the first time last week with a friend who has a 1.5 yr old white boxer who is super shy. Wyatt was foaming at the mouth also and I was so freaking embarrassed. I kept wiping his face. I also learned he is VERY protective of me. He would go off and play with other dogs but keep checking on me. Anytime another dog came within a 10-15 foot radius Wyatt would come over and claim his territory( me) and most times it wasn't pretty. Thought we were gonna get kicked out bc he wasn't fond of me playing/petting other dogs. There was one dog Hank in particular who kept coming to me.... This is bad to say but I finally let Wyatt at him for a minute so Hank would learn his d@mn lesson and leave me alone! That owner eventually got his dog under control. Wyatt is a humper too. I made a guy friend and his dog Dexter (rotty) became best friends with Wyatt.

For you raw feeders- I was talking to a lady who jus started feeding raw that week and was giving her dog ( don't remember the breed she had like five of them there) meat with skin on already. Told her I had done research and knew others the fed raw and you shouldn't do skin on until week 3/4 also talked to her about when to introduce new proteins. She basically told me I was a dumbass and had no clue what I was talking about. I turned around at that point and talked to other people. She said little girl (I'm 2 I'm not done discussing this with you. I bit my tongue so hard and said this conversation is over. Told her maybe the feedings were different with her dogs than with boxers. And the reason her dog has had several "blowouts" could be due to the fact she's already giving them skin on meals when their body hasn't adjusted yet. Man this lady rubbed me the wrong way!

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I completely know the foamy drool. Also know the whole owning a boxer and absolutely no other dog owner gets they aren't hurting anything. If ppl are nice I politely explain the boxer traits to them. If they are rude I become bitchy boxer mom and rudely explain they are playing. Some days more stressful than others. There are a few boxers that go to the park I do and it's an awesome time but when u have to keep calling ur boxer to come bc the owner is scared it's not fun. If there are people I don't know at the park I keep my two with me and let them play together. I have made a few friends there and we make play dates so we both know it will be fun and safe for everyone

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