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Old 11-27-2012, 07:10 PM   #21 (permalink)
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Hmmm...how can someone be "perfect" if they don't like your dog(s)? I can't imagine not having at least one dog!
Beth - Mom to rescues: Jackson (senior fawn boxer) and Maddie (westie/maltese mix); foster dogs from time-to-time
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I have a child who refers to our dogs as her brother and sister. I tell her not to, because it makes me look insane. lol
I would give up everything to make my dogs happy.

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Great stories everyone! Cait I definitely think you made the right decision when you left your fiance. Sounds like you ended up with you were meant to be with.

If anyone's interested in hearing the clip from the radio station on this segment here's the link. It's just under 13 minutes.
pet - WHEB-FM
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Hell no! If you don't like my animals then you are not a trustworthy individual.
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Must love dogs, and particularly my dog.
Molly, Mom to Porter and Fiona
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Originally Posted by Georgiapeach View Post
Hmmm...how can someone be "perfect" if they don't like your dog(s)? I can't imagine not having at least one dog!

Completely agree!!

My first dog was a surprise, and while my hubby isn't really fond of surprises, Charlie totally melted his heart....and opened the door for a couple more.

Now, all I have to do is tell the other half that I've got another poor, sad, helpless little baby and he welcomes it home with open arms. I'm awfully lucky to have him.
Charlie: 09/06/00-01/01/12 ~your song may be over, but your story will never end~
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My boyfriend doesn't hate my dog, but he doesn't care for dogs in general. He's 38 and has never in his life owned a pet, so although I guess he doesn't dislike dogs per se, he doesn't like them enough to ever want to own one.

Unfortunately for him Aspen can be hard to take even for dog people! She has a lot of anxiety and nervousness as a result of her puppyhood with her first owners, and as a result she can't be left alone in the house un-crated for even a minute without panicking and peeing all over the floor. She loses it whenever anyone walks past the house or the vehicle. She's just alert and on guard a lot. She's generally nervous of things that she's never seen/experienced before, and I just have to patiently introduce her to as many new things/situations as possibe. She noticed Neil's ceiling fan once at 2:30 am and it took me 30 min to get her to calm down! She's only friendly with dogs that she knows and is nervous of strangers when it's dark out. I've been working on her issues for 2 years now and she's getting WAY better, but she can still be frustrating even for me and I love her! Neil is learning to live with her, but I can't blame him for not being her biggest fan considering he wouldn't want a dog around at the best of times, let alone a dog that requires constant managing. Neil is getting better with her as we work out ways for us all to co-exist together. I've purchased a collapsable travel kennel to take to his house and to the cabin so we can go out for dinner or go sailing, which we couldn't do before without a kennel because we always had to have her with us. She's getting more comfortable at his house/cabin so her behaviours are improving as her comfort level increases, and Neil is learning to tune out her whimpering when she notices a shadow that she hadn't noticed before.

Neil and I have had a talk and he knows that he is not allowed to say negative things about her nor is he allowed to give me a hard time about her when things happen that I can't fix overnight (like barking at strangers that walk by). He will tell me if she does something that he doesn't like, and then I'll try my best to train her but he is required to give me enough time to actually do that without constantly complaining about her. It is understood that she is my reponsibility and although I'm sure if I was in a serious bind he would help me out with her, but I wouldn't ask him to look after her while I go on vacation or anything. He also knows that I will not under any circumstances give her up, and that if he ever asks me to I will choose her over him.

Would I prefer him to love my dog? Absolutely!! But is it a deal breaker for me? No.

I really hate watching hockey, and I find it frustrating and annoying that during hockey season there has to be a game on in every room of the house and we sometimes can't go out and do something because he has to watch the game, but he loves hockey so I learn to live with it. Who knows, maybe he'll learn to love Aspen (we've only been together 6 months and we live an hour apart so we really don't see each other more than once or twice a week). At the very least she will have desensitized him to dogs and any dog that I get after her will seem to him like the easiest dog in the world!
Mom to Aspen

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My only hesitation about being with a non-dog person who "tolerates" my dog would be this: What happens several years down the road when that dog is gone and I decide I'm ready for another, and THAT'S when the guy decides to put his foot down and say absolutely no more dogs? Okay, he put up with a dog he didn't want, but now I'm feeling like something is missing 'cuz I'm dogless. Do I make him suffer through another or do I give up the very thing that makes me happiest? Nope, he absolutely has to be a dog lover.

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I agree with Lynne. Love me, love my dogs.

Thankfully it was my husband who insisted we get a boxer and when I met Dodger my heart melted, he also "suggested" we get Daisy and my heart melted some more (he knew I would fall head over heels for her). I grew up with and loved many pets and even had a dog that I loved as an adult; but I have never felt this way about any pet I ever had; and in fact I can't even fathom calling them our pets, they are our fur-babies. My Lovebug and my Snugglebug, and anyone who has an issue with how I feel about them doesn't deserve a place in my life.
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