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Default Living in apt building with a new dog (rant)

A new dog moved into the bottom unit of my smallish apartment building, a new aggressive golden retriever who's owner NEVER leashes her dog. I'm talking walks around the very busy with dogs (1 mile away from downtown Chicago) neighborhood sidewalks with her dog not on a leash, even if he was well behaved, other dogs aren't! I have never encountered this lady until this morning, when I came downstairs to let Merckx out, on a leash of course, and we open the outside door to this golden retriever, and before I could pull him back, Merckx sees a dog and always thinks they're his new best friend, plus he has golden friends. The golden's owner was a good 30' away putting up the garbage and the dog was waiting by the door, so of course a skirmish ensued, Merckx is very submissive so he just rolls over and I yelled at her dog OFF, and pulled Merckx toward me, when finally the lady comes over and just says hi, and gets inside before I could compose myself enough to say something that wasn't totally off-putting considering I haven't met this lady or her dog yet, and I like some of my neighbors, we do favors for each other. So I don't know what I'll say but I feel like I should say something, there are 5 other dogs in this apt building, and although I'll be more cautious coming outside, I want everyone else in the building to be safe as well. I know ignorance is bliss, but I'm about to pop that bubble for her.

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Wow. I would definitely say something. If you want to remain cordial to one another, you could buy a leash as a "Christmas present" and leave it on her door.

I have never met an aggressive golden btw... Wow! She must have taught him to be. Grrr...

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Wow! I couldn't imagine just having my dog outside without a leash on especially in a common area. I could understand if it was your own yard. I would just politely let this neighbor know it would be nice to keep the dog on a leash as not all dogs are friendly & I'm sure she wouldn't want her fur baby to be hurt.
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What makes you think he's aggressive?? Goldens can be some very vocal dogs too. I wish you the best and if the dog is truly aggressive, I would definitely politely say something to the owner.. Or maybe the landlord? I know most apartments that I have lived in require all tenants pets to be leashed when outside.

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While I probably err on the side of avoiding confrontation, i think a "pack leader" with authoritynshe recognizes is the one to offer correction.

Get the landlord to go down and give her a scruff shake. ;-)
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I would speak to the landlord. I live in a building as well and they JUST put up a notice reminding people that not everyone is dog friendly and to please be sure we keep our dogs under control.
I always keep Cruz on a leash and close to me when we are in common areas. He is VERY friendly, but I know there are some people who are scared of him or any dog for that matter.
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Good neighbors are difficult to find now-a-days and living in an apartment complex where ppl are stacked on top of each other only makes the challenges bigger. I have to agree with BrentonC about trying to avoid confrontation if only for your own piece of mind. If I were in this situation, I'd go out of my way to get to know the new neighbor first and then see if you can't edge your concerns politely into a conversation. While the first impression may not have been ideal, you might find that person easy to get along with after you get to know her.

Just a thought. I wish you and your pup luck incorporating your new neighbor into your lives.
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absolutly confront her about her dog and being leashed
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i would go to the apartment management and let them deal with it. warring with a neighbor can make your stay there unpleasant.

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...agree that warring with a neighbor can be unpleasant, but sometimes there is no way around it when you have ignorant and inconsiderate neighbors. I would approach her nicely and tell her that it concerns you, for your dog's safety and for her's, that the dog is not leashed. If she does not act accordingly, go to management. I have a problem with one of my neighbors and a HUGE black lab. Jazz, her dog, just did not like Winnie, or me for that matter as it lunged at me once when I was jogging. It is always leashed but it is HUGE and the lady has back problems. When she was walking him out and he lunged at Winnie, she let go of the leash because she said she can't hold him back because of her back. I was trying to keep him off Winnie with my leg...and actually kicked the dog....lucky I didn't get bit myself....well, words were spoken (rather yelled). Since that day we both turn in opposite directions when we see each other, which is just as well.
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