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Default Crazy Greeter

Hi guys,

Do any of you have an issue with your boy/girl being a maniac when company comes? Reuben (9 months) is a complete nutball to the point where we have to crate him or hold him (and that ain't easy at about 65lbs now). He jumps on people, rips through the house, and won't listen to anything. I think it may be worse with women than men. My mother in law adores him and would like nothing more than to pet him but he is especially crazy around her. He jumps all over her and won't sit still at all. He jumps on & off the furniture too. She is petite & frail with some health issues & we are afraid he'll hurt her unintentionally. It is exhausting to even have them over because he is such a handful. He does calm down after about 30-45 min but even then he is not totally better. I have advised everyone to ignore him when they come in the house, til he calms down. If they are standing it is easier but the moment they sit down it worsens. We have crated him but not sure if that is the correct thing to do because he just bounds out when released. We always have people over on New Years & I am not sure how to handle it. He was okay as a pup with summer outdoor parties but this is crazy. FYI he is not neutered yet. That will be done when he is 1yr old. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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Practice practice practice. Get someone to knock on the door and have a treat... GOOD treat ready. As soon as you hear the knock and he reacts wave the treat right across his nose and give him a command. It's gotta be a good smelly treat so he will catch a whiff. Once he catches a whiff and you have his attention tell him to do whatever it is you want him to do when people come to the door. Sit, stay, back up.. whatever. When he does it give him the treat immediately and answer the door. To enforce the stay I'd have a couple more treats cause he is likely to try and bolt to the door/visitor as soon as he swallows the treat. Just be ready to keep correcting and rewarding him.
This will take a lot of practice & repetition.. but if you have the patience and put in some time to practice.. he'll get it. Good luck!

Shannon aka Cruz's mom.
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Murphy (4.5 months) gets excited when anyone comes to the door but she's still smallish (33 pounds) so I can pick her up. Pheona (almost 21 months) will "go to bed" (her command) when someone is at the door.'s my boys coming home (she knows when the middle school lets out & she will watch for them) or when my cousin & her fiancee come over. They were always here when Pheona was little as my husband was deployed so they've become like a 2nd set of parents to her. I've had plenty of maintenance men come to the house & get freaked cause she will just sit on her bed & stare at them. They even question if she'll move to which I respond...only if I give her the command.
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I agree with the advice you have already been given. You need to decide what you want him to do instead of jumping, and plan your method of training that behaviour. Once you have the plan, be consistent and follow through every single time anyone comes to the door, no exceptions. That's how he will learn what is expected of him.

Jack was a total ass when anyone came to our door, and I wanted him to lay down instead of jumping all over our guests. When someone knocks, Jack barks and runs towards the door. I get his leash, clip it on him, move him back from the door and tell him 'down', then 'stay'. In the beginning it was hard to get him to follow the commands, because he was so excited. I just ingnored the guest at the door until he was in a good down stay. You can use treats to get his attention, I just used my firm no-nonsense voice and leash corrections. There is a clear window in my door, so my guests can see that I'm not answering because I'm trying to get my crazy dog under control If I didn't have that window, I would yell through the door to tell them one minute while I get the dog under control. No one is going to get upset about waiting a few moments if it means they don't get mauled when they come in.

Jack still gets excited, but he is responsive to the down and stay commands, and I will make him stay down for several minutes after the guest is in the house. Then he is allowed to sniff, but if he gets too excited I will make him lay down on his bed. And like you have already done, I always ask people to ignore him until he has shown he can be polite and calm. It has been the toughest issue we've faced with Jack, but I think it comes with the territory of having a breed that loves people so much. They just want to say hi to everyone in their crazy boxer way!
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Yes...we absolutely have this problem with Porter who is 16 mos. We have tried EVERYTHING except obedience school...which he starts in January. Let me know if you try anything that works. Porter is my wild child. I swear he has ADDHD
Molly, Mom to Porter and Fiona
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Yep. I have to agree with what's been said as well

They are all a little crazy when someone comes to the door but choose what you want him to do and train him to do it. Then stick to it! Be consistent with what you are teaching him.

I taught Bos to go to his 'spot'. Basically its just him sitting on the landing at the front entrance. He'e not permitted to leave that spot until he's been released. He can dance and wiggle all he wants but he is not to move. It took awhile but he's got it now. You just have to set that invisible boundary and they don't usually forget it once they figure out what you want.

Treats are always helpful too
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