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Samson's Mom 12-27-2012 04:04 PM

Pet Insurance... Pay attention to the fine print
I am alittle upset right now so sorry if this is long but.... Samson went to vet yesterday for leg pain. Vet says possible torn ACL on Left and may need surgery. We got pet insurance on him in Sept so I was thankful thinking GREAT if needs surgery we at least have some back up. Thankfully no surgery. Conservative treatment antiinflammatory and rest 6-8 wks( very difficult for a Boxer) but called ins company today and they tell me knees are exclueded for the first six months unless I sent in a certificate of health that knees were healthy within the first 30 days of the policy... I did not know this was required, I thought that was the point of sending 2 years of vet history/clinical notes so they could see it was never an issue. So now the right leg will be excluded for 12 months and any future tx of left knee will be "pre-existing"

Anyway, I feel like I was trying to do the right thing for my baby only to get screwed... Now I feel like why bother and maybe I should just cancel the stupid thing as they will try to find a way to not cover everything anyway!!

I am very mad at myself for not reading fine print and feeling stupid for not knowing.... Just makes me mad so be ware if you decide to take out pet insurance..

Thanks for letting me vent!

NikkiL 12-27-2012 05:39 PM

What insurance company was this? This kind of thing is why I never had pet insurance before now. I just took it out for Nikki and while I feel a relieved to know she's covered I still worry after paying so much will what she needs be covered.

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