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Default protective in all the wrong places

So a buddy needed some help at his shop getting a few cars finished. I offered my services and drive an hour oneway and work 9-6. My buddy is a dog guy and has a lab himself that is always with him. He loves stella and enjoys her company and I bring her almost every day. But the first day I brought her in for work; it took about 3 hours to bark at every customer that comes in, or shop neighbors in the parking lot. She growls barks runs at them sometimes gives them licks or acts hesitant depending on the person. I have never seen this from her before at home or anywhere. At home she only does little sounds like a clucking chicken.

But at the shop she's all out gaurd dog, which annoys me a bit because they are only customers there is no need for it. She will do it even if she's tied up in the back of the shop. And she won't stop when told not to, from both me and john. Sometimes she will bark then greet then start barking again. I grab her firmly look at her and very seriously tell her to knock it off. But when someone else comes along she's at it again. Even at regulars. The lab is very calm and only barks at stella when stella starts to bother her.

Also she barks at inlaws house the same way which she started doing after she first did it at the shop. The two other boxers they own do the same thing though.

At home she's still a chixken... anyway to reverse this act or atleast to have her stop bugging customers at work?
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I think puppy's just go through that stage. I jus recently trained a puppy who would bark but be scared, the owner wanted her to bark and be protective but holy cow she will bark forever if you let her, so I taught her "Quiet" for my Rosco it's "SHHH" ...what I did was I set it up so that someone would come knock in the door, when she barked I let her bark a couple times then I said her name, Annie! When she looked I would click and treat. We did it couple more times til she knew to look at me and if she was real into I would say her name when she looked back and was quiet I would say "Quiet" and click and treat. We did this in numerous places, the backyard at each side of the fence with several diff dogs then we went to the front yar and did it with neighbors, cyclists, other people walking or walking their dogs, etc. then we hit the streets and she would bark, I would get her attention and say the cue and click and treat. While training this you don't want to interrupt the barking with the word bc then she will link the word with barking and think that "quiet" means to bark! Lol. And also sometimes when we are yelling at our dogs to be quiet they think that we are actually barking along with them hehe. So be sure to have this completely down pat before you interrupt barking with the cue you don't want to mix it up. It might take a few days maybe a week or two to completely get it on cue. Good luck hope this helps!

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it sounds like she's scared to me and sometimes fear turns to aggression, she is probably feeling over whelmed and insecure with all these people coming and going in a new environment, whereas at home she feels safe knowing that you'll protect her so she becomes doesn't have to. I'm not sure of how to "fix" this problem maybe try to make a "safe place" for her in a quite office in the back in a crate or under a desk where she can get away from from all the noise and commotion, a place where she can feel secure. at your in-laws house she is probably just doing what the other dogs are doing, following the pack and participating in barking.
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I train the "shhhh" the exact same as Katielovesleo It takes time and patience but its well worth the effort
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I worked with Pheona the same way with "quiet" being our word. It does take time & patience but it is so worth it. We are working with Murphy now.
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