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Default is it time to have my boxer done?

Hi, I have a 8 month old boxer male and we were going to not have him done for a while and let him breed once to have puppies as a lady had contacted us about trying with her dog once ours was older.

This was going fine and he wasnt be naughty or too boystrous or humping however the last few days/weeks he has began to hump the air and also very domineering towards me (i am female) he will pad his arms onto me as if to hold me down and then jump up then hump the air while holding me. Obviously i say no and have began putting him outside or away from me as when i stop him he begins to bark at me. He only does it to me but will bark at my husband if he pushes him off me.

Do you think this is a sign that he needs to be done sooner rather than later and do you think this would stop him doing it? or is it just a behavioural thing that i need to stamp out?
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thanks in advance
Khanny Boy
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Just a heads up, there are a lot of things involved with breeding. Not only that, just because some lady wants you to breed him does that mean he would be a good stud dog. For instance, does he have the traits that fit the breed standard? Has he been shown and proven to have these traits? What about health testing? What are his lines? I'm sure that I don't know any of the exact terminology, but just trying to help.
It seems that its more of a behavior issue with him trying to mount you. He's a young male, and all males didn't know what to do when we started to develop. I waited with ares to be neutered so that he could finish developing and growing. I know that there is a lot of different oppinions, but you want his bones to grow and be healthy, and you want him to produce those hormones that help him.

p.s. dont contribute to backyard breeding!
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He is 8 months old and right smack dab in the middle of adolescence. It is a trying time for most boxers that age. I would suggest some sort of formal training for starters. That way you can teach him what he should be doing and in turn that will demonstrate that you are the one in charge. He is challenging you and does not view you as the boss. You must be firm. I would practice NILIF training; make him work for everything he gets.

As for the neuter, that won't fix the problem you are experiencing. It's the behaviour that you are disagreeing with and doesn't have much to do with being intact. As for the breeding...a big resounding NO!!! Do not breed you dog. There is no point, it has not been health tested and would only contribute to the overpopulation of poorly bred boxers.
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I agree with Val. Training sounds like its in order and just because someone wants to use your dog as a stud doesnt mean you should. Ask some of us that work in Boxer rescue or rescue in general. There are TOO many Boxers in shelters being killed every day please dont add to that problem.
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I also agree with Valerie. He's telling you that he thinks he's your boss. Proper training like basic obedience & NILIF will most likely fix this. Neutering him will not but that being said, please, please, please don't breed him. As to WHEN to have him fixed is a matter of personal preference. There are reasons to neuter around this age & there good reasons to wait until growth is complete. Do some research & make the choice that best fits the needs of you and your dog.
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Hi, thank you for all your help. We hadnt just decided to just not neuter him just to breed him we had also been told its better to wait until they are fully grown to help with growth and bones which we still agree with highly.

Thank you for all your help we took him to puppy classes when we first got him and he was really good but we guessed it was just that he was at the adolescent testing age. Thank you for reasuring me that it is just behavioural and i will make sure he knows whos boss. This is what my husband said it was but its nice to get reasurance from all you guys too.

Thanks x
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The problem I see too often... People take their pups to puppy class.. they start them on the right road... and then thats it. Dogs need training LOTS in the first two years. Although your puppy class may have ended, he still needs to work everyday! at least a little. Dogs need to be taught and that is on going. Maybe you could find a good intermediate lever class to take him to? Here is my issues with "making sure he knows who is boss" (and please I am not saying this would be your approach).. but Im just saying I have seen it. People physically hold their dogs down... well thats not cool! A dogs natural reaction is to get back up and struggle, What would you do if somebody was holding you down, know what I mean?.. and yes some to submit but not for why you think. I would highly suggest as mentioned above ... having him work for everything!!please be careful how you go about showing who is boss. Go back to the basics with him.... reward the good

p.s please don't breed him
Mandi ... mom of fur kids.. Breeze, Bentley .. and new baby Winter
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