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Default So, are 2 better than 1???

This is a bit comical, but the only problem I have with two... and three pups is picking up poop on walks. They can make it a little difficult when more than one is tugging on the leash while you are bent over picking up their business. LOL! Sit/stay training certainly helps with that. Then there's walking them with a coupler and they wont potty because they are too close to one another...

On a more serious note, I do agree with 2manydogs that you should make sure your finances allow for a second dog. As far as extra time and love, I do get concerned sometimes that I'm paying more attention to one than the others and I feel bad and start loving on them more, but I'm not even sure that they notice that. I think it's just mommy worry.

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We have two, but they are one year apart in age and we got them almost one year apart.
It gave us time to concentrate on getting the first one potty / house trained and some obedience school (8 weeks) then we decided to get the second.
I think having them a year apart was easier as far as training goes, but having two is much more more fun and they do keep each other occupied.
They are also close enough in age that they have the same exercise requirements.
The first one was tough as we were her playmates and wearing her out took hours, I mean hours every day. We let Maggie do most of the wearing out for the second one (Mongo). We told her it's her brother and she needed to babysit him.

Lynne- Owned by and Slave to Maggie and Mongo

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Default So, are 2 better than 1???

I have an 11 month old boxer and a 10 year old pug cross and a boxer pup on the way :-) my boxers will be about a year and a half apart. I can't tell you about two puppies but one puppy is a lot of work. There were times I wondered what I had done. I had 2 senior dogs when I got Nikki. Life was quiet and peaceful. All of a sudden you can't go far away from home for more than a few hours at once and you can't sit and watch tv or get house work down without your pup being a sleep. And from experience... When one puppy wakes up to play in the middle of the night the other puppy wants to play now too!! One you can get back to sleep... Two not so easily..

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I am the happy and proud momma of two Boxers. I had Tyson for 9 years before I got him a playmate. He was the KING, and very spoiled for all that time. I felt bad every day I went to work and left him all alone. Unfortunately, Tyson died 6 months after I brought a playmate home. I do believe she gave him a few more months of happiness and life. A year later, I have another Boxer. I live alone, therefore I am the sole trainer, feeder, caretaker, walker, etc. Puppies are alot of work, and can't imagine having two to train at the same time. Mine are exactly a year apart, and since the first one was so well trained, she helped me train the puppy.

I have heard really great stories of people getting littermates. Only committ to two if you have the time to care for them properly. The last thing you want is two untrained, rambunctious pups on your hand.
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As a trainer.. I never recommend getting two at the same time. Although it isn't always the case.. they do often look to each other rather then you!! so for initial training this can make it tougher. Not to mention what the others have said. However, it is your decision. BUt I would think even if you waited till this pup is well on their way... then look at a adding another, then the second normally follows the first sometimes easier to train the second
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Default So, are 2 better than 1???

Also, good thing about having one is you get to spoil it hehe. It's hard sometimes just having one when the other person doesn't want to help.

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“Moving around or talking too much while training your dog is like singing in the ear of a math student while they are trying to work out an algebra problem" -Karen Pryor
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My opinion is 2 is DEF. better than 1....BUT after you had 1 for a little while add the second in the mix. I had Jaxon for 3 + years before we got Belah. She has learned so much from him b/c he was so well behaved and she looked to him. When I would say SIT he would, then she would she has learned alot from him. Also, it gave us some time to spend one on one with him. I don't know what I would do without both of them now...

Im sure WHATEVER your decision will be, it will be the right one. Somehow, someway if it is meant to be, it has a way of working.

I wish you the best of luck!!!!!!!
Jen - Mom to Jaxon, Belah and Brynn

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We have 2 currently and got our first boxer baby at 8 weeks old, and waited a little over a year when i finally convinced my fiance i wanted another one. Besides the double everything with food and vet and what not, if you can handle that its not that big of a deal. I do love that they are a year apart bc i could only imagine house training, crate training, training in general 2 puppies would be alot. Rusty our older male helped teach Dually some things although now she has selective hearing and can be a b**** he did help her learn some things. one of our biggest things is that if we want to go some where overnight and cannot bring them, who do we dump 2 rambunctious boxers on, usually my in laws who have big fenced in yard with their dog. That is a hard part because 2 being dropped off instead of one can be an adjustment. Usually if we go somewhere they are with us.

I do the majority of the work, feeding, walking, vet, buying food and paying for things, training (maybe why Dually is a little alpha devil). My fiance gets to enjoy them when they have had their running and playing out of the way so theyre calm. He does help but i do 95% of it. (Shhh dont tell him lol)

it certainly be done but maybe since you are getting back into a puppy get one at a time.

Best of luck with your new little girl and post pics
Tessa, Mom to Rusty and Dually

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we have 10mo old Lucy(boxer) and 9mo old Toby(pit mix) we got Lucy about two months earlier than Toby and they are incredibly close, they are cuddle buddies and always seem to be together. we do have a three year old dog that the pups are attached to but there a special connection and bond between Lucy and Toby. they may not be biological siblings but they sure do act like it, they sleep in a heap together, they play (and fight) like siblings and they have even been known to poop at the same time. sometimes you can just feel the love between them. yes, it is more work with two but, in the end it will be worth it to have dogs that grow up together seeing that special unique bond they have.
Proud Mama to Holly-Shepherd/Lab mix, Lucy-Fancy Fawn Boxer and Toby-Pit bull Shepherd mix . If more is truly better that makes my four legged kids better than your two legged ones.

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I'll chime in as the owner of multiple dogs.....

My first was Charlie, a boxer. I got him at 8 weeks, and he was from a byb and VERY sick. We weren't sure he would live, and in fact didn't even name him for the first 2 weeks we had him.

About 2 years later we got Benny, a french bulldog/american eskimo mix. We bottle raised him from day one (he was from an oops litter). We found Benny was much easier to potty train, because he followed Charlie's example. Charlie was, in effect, his mentor. It was very helpful.

Katie came along when Charlie was 9, and Benny 7. She was my toughest to potty train, but again, I think having the older dogs helped her "get it".

I lost Charlie in 2012, and Benny was left to the mentoring duties for Mooshie and Joey, who both came along later in 2012.

The good thing about an older dog/puppy combination is that the older dog is going to be naturally more dominant over the puppy, so there isn't much of a "power struggle"....the older dog is going to help teach bite inhibition, and basic general manners to the puppy.

That said....if you want 2 puppies, go for it! It would definitely keep you busy!
Charlie: 09/06/00-01/01/12 ~your song may be over, but your story will never end~
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