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Default So please advice..for those with multiple boxers..

So, as many of you know, Mya is getting a new puppy in 4 weeks.....Yay

I am going to add another crate and go through all the training all over again....boooooooo

So my question is...

Where should I put the other crate? I was thinking right beside Myas crate? or is that a bad idea?

Also, can you please share with me how you trained them to walk together on a leash?


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Hey Joe,

Congrats on the newest addition I wouldnt put the crates side by side. At least not in the beginning. Your puppy needs to learn that it is ok to be alone and not depend on the company of Mya.

I would first focus on teaching the puppy to walk on a leash by itself. Then you can purchase a coupler Dog Leash Couplers | PetSmart and walk them together side by side
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I kept the crates separate.

but let me explain why. My female was older and did not use the crate as much. She needed a break from the puppy. She was 3 and house trained. I had one crate upstairs and one in a quiet place on the main floor. That way my older female could be free to roam or nap on her dog bed while the younger boisterous boy could settle down in his crate.

Later on. He still needed a crate. She was sort of crate free. She would sometimes go in on her own. Mostly she would go to her dog bed when we asked her too. This was not in the crate. We have dog beds everywhere. Every floor and almost every room. Pathetic, I know...

I just remembered there were times both would go in the crate together. In fact I remember when he was really little 9 weeks she would sometimes nap with him or cry to go in the crate with him. Yes the crates I have are for a Great dane.
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We keep our crates in separate areas so that who ever wants to be left alone can be we really don't use them but my furkids still do LOL I would be sure to give your older one her area and have a space for puppy both near her and another away from her so she can get a break if needed I would put a bed by the puppy crate and keep her crate where it is
as for training mine to walk together on 1 leash that is never going to happen I saw a grown man that must have weighed at least 250 get dragged over 1500 feet and into the street by a pair of pit mixes he could not get them to stop and his hand was caught up in the leash so he couldn't let go he was normaly in full control of his and walked past our house daily with them as a set it only toook one small yappy lose dog and he was injured he now walks them as singles past our house after that no matter how good my kids are on a leash I will never have them walk together as I could lose full control as he did and get injured one at a time if we walk multiples we each have one plus if gives us some "alone" couple time when we walk them or me more much needed exercise to take them as singles
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We have the kennels separated so they can as stated above, have alone time.
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our house is small so the crates were in the same room, but seperate. they could see each other but were just fine with that. Now Rusty our older one is not in his crate(thank goodness, my living room was over run by crates) and Dually is still in hers and they do just fine.

I did the walking on a leash thing probably the wrong way, i took them both together all my byself and it was far from easy. I would suggest doing the puppy alone and then bring mya into the picture when the puppy is good on the leash. Mine now walk side by side and we dont use a coupler thing. They do pretty good and we dont have any issues when walking
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I only have one crate for both my girls. It's a very large crate and right now they both have ample room while in it but they are not full grown yet. Karma and I both taught Destiny that the crate was a good place. The only time they both really go into and have to have the door closed it is if we are going to be leaving the house and even then we will limit our time away from house. Karma sleeps in the crate at night as that's the place she chose. Destiny sleeps in bed with my 13 y/o as that's where she chose to sleep. They have other places to go to get refuge from each other, but they are basically on the same schedule now and I have seen them both go into the crate for afternoon naps.

I hope you have taught Mya the "leave it" command. She will be all over Konah and you will want to restrict their playing as he will get tired quickly. He will want to have his puppy naps and Mya will be persistant that he's her new play toy. That's what it was like with Karma when we brought Destiny home but they are only a few months apart in age.

As for walking on leash, I really suggest teaching Konah proper leash walking without Mya and then introduce a coupler if you want. When you do, you will want to start off slow. I am teaching the girls to walk together on a coupler. It's a slow going process. Karma is a puller on the leash which we are working dilligently on. Destiny is amazing on leash alone. I could walk her for hours if she wasn't still so young. She will walk right beside me, trotting along looking right at me with her focussing on every word I say. I am constantly talking to them. When they are on the coupler that's a different story. Destiny is a puller on it and Karma seems to do fine. I often wonder if the coupler changes their personalities. I am working slow and some days we will only get to the end of the driveway but we'll be out trying for half hour to an hour.
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Congrats on the new puppy!

I've never had two dogs in crates at the same time so I may not have the best advice but we kept Figgy's crate in the main living area so Harley would be in sight unless he chose to be away from her. We never crated her overnight. She slept with Harley the day we brought her home.
As for walking, I walked them both seperately until Figgy was about 6 months old. It allowed her and I to bond and get in some alone training, and it also gave Harley some one on one time. After 6 months I would walk them together if I was short on time.

Wish you all the best!
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