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Default Yearly Shots, Not Our Friend - Anyone Else

I'm reaching out to see if anyone else has had a similiar experience with their boxer after their yearly shots. I will say that we have taken her to the vet several times. I am just looking to see what others have experienced.

So March 25th Milly went in for her yearly shots. The prior year she had had the vomitting after receiving her shots so they only gave her the 4 she needed: Lepto, Bordatella, Rabies, Distemper.
The next morning she had the foamy vomit but ate her breakfast and seemed to be okay but I made a note of it. Friday she was throwing up every 4-6 minutes didn't want to eat anything all day and she just laid around. I called the vet and they said she is having an adverse reaction to the shots give her Celena for nauseau and some Benedryll so I did that.
That weekend she started to perk up and was good a little vomit here and there but I chalked it up to her drinking her water to fast.
The following weekend she was sick again, throw up and had no interest in eating, even snacking on cheese her favorite so she laid low we gave her the meds for an upset tummy. Sunday she was playing ball and normal.
Monday, April 7th I came home to a crate of throwup. She didn't really want to move. She would walk and than just want to lay down. She drank water and threw it up and was shaking. Me and the hubs took her to the doggie ER since our Vet was closed. They did blood work and xrays and everything came back in the clear. We started her on rice and eggs, gave her nauseau meds and pepcid. Tuesday she was still a little lazy really just wanted to cuddle. I worked from home. I was checking her out every 5 minutes going crazy. We went outside she laid in the sun for 20 minutes just for some fresh air. I notices she started to sound like she was snoring when she breathed so I gave her a little Benedryll just in case. That night I noticed she had hives all over her little arms AND chest, some the size of nickles so anxiety set in. By 9:30 everything was normal.
Yesterday I called the vet again to talk to him. He said he felt it was an adverse reaction to the shots and her immune system is hyped up from the shots. Give her Benedryll and a Bath. Milly was eating and pretty normal, had her little spark in her eye and i was feeling good! Gave her a bath she tried to eat the towel. We went outside on my lunch, I was working from home again and she played with her ball for a bit and laid in the grass in the sun.
Came inside and noticed she was rubbing her face and chewing on her arms. I looked and her head was covered in hives and she turned and looked at me and her face was 2X the size and eyes were little slits. Hives all over her body. So I took her into the VET immedialtely.
He said its a enviromental allergy in the meantime I'm crying axiety ridden because shes only 4 and is healthy up until this point. They have her a shot of steroids and decided to keep her overnight. I've been told that the hives doesn't hurt them, it bothers us more than them. But as you know Boxers are little divas. She looks at me with those squinty little eyes and I just balled. I know I know she isn't a human, but my husband and I don't have kids so she is our 'kid' Its just giving me a ton of anxiety. UGH
My update today is she is eating and doing good. They want to watch her until tonight.
I know this is a long post so I'm sorry. My question is this - Has anyone had issues after shots with their fur child?
He is saying its from the shots and her immunie system is in limbo but am worried. She has never ever had allergies. How long with this last. Will she not get to play ball? Will she start having different allergies?
Any insight would be great.
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I stopped doing yearly after I lost one cat to throat cancer (my cat didn't smoke!) injection site cancer!! and my BullMastiff/APBT mix to cancer. I suspect the Corona vaccine? Both were getting annual vaccines. Three years rabies as required by law but no more automatic yearly vaccines for my guys.

I do the puppy shots and then a year or two and stop. I heard the distemper vaccine is good for 7 years at least. And you can do titer test to see if your dog needs a vaccine.

Hope you guy gets better soon!

Blood Test for Dogs to Test Immunity; Don't Over-Vaccinate! | Truth4Dogs

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