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Default ACL surgrey?

My baby girl Sasha has got a torn liagament in her left knee. I'm about a hundred percent sure we are going to do the surgrey. It is a partial tear. My question is has anyone boxer had this surgrey have they recovered fully? Anything we should know before we proceed? *

Not sure how it got caused just that one morning she was limping and holding her hind leg off the ground from time to time. Took her to two different vets just to get opinions both said ACL damage requiring surgrey.

Dog Facts:
1 year old spayed female
55 lbs, Black and white coat
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Default Re: ACL surgrey?

Chud.....I do not know of any alternative to repairing a torn ACL. *It is a common surgery these days with very little healing and recovery time. I have tried to remember if we have ever done an ACL on a boxer and I can not think of one right off hand. *But, Many other breeds for sure.
I would say the only advice I have is to remind your vet not to use Ace on her and then have a place for recovery such as a kennel. *She will have to be kept quite (no running/jumping etc...) for a while and that to me is that hardest part.
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Default Re: ACL surgrey?

My Giant schnauzer had ACL surgery, but not the TPLO kind.
She tore her acl while running through our house like her butt was on fire!! She was only 4 months old. The protocol for that was : she had to be kept "quiet" for 6 weeks, not running, jumping, stairs, or exercise. We had to take her out to use the potty on a leash instead of the usual routine of in the fenced in yard. When we went to her 6 week check up for it the vet informed us that the surgery had failed dispite us following ALL the rules so she had another surgey but he only chraged us for supplies used this time thank goodness! I requested that her leg be in a cast afterward to keep her from bending it this time. It worked, but he said she will need a TPLO in the future because of her size she is 75lbs. Sorry this is so long. I wish you luck, it is VERY hard to keep them calm durring recovery.
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Default Re: ACL surgrey?

My parents boxer just had the surgery about 4 months ago. *She was in a leg cast for several weeks. *We had to help her go out for the first week but she's very independant so after a week we just took her out on the leash and it was actually easier for her to go on her own rather then us holding a towel under her stomache. *She was on house rest for 5 weeks then controlled play for another 4 weeks. *But she recovered fully from it.
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Default Re: ACL surgrey?

Ziggi hurt his back leg and was also limping and holding the leg up. *Our vet couldn't be sure what the exact cause was even with x-rays and suggested that we take him to a specialist in ACL surgery. *We are glad we did because they could tell right away that he didn't need the surgery. *If the dog is putting any weight on the leg it is a good sign that it may be something else. *The vet said that he did have arthritis and could possibly need the surgery in the future. *We kept Ziggi calm and down for a few months, limited outside time and movement, tried to stop all running but he did get some in. * * His leg is now fine, we are doing swimming with him to help him get extra exercise without it possibly hurting his leg again. *

Our friends just had the surgery done on their Chi, she was told to keep her crated for 2-3 months and limited movement for 6 months. *That is also what the specialist told us the surgery would require.
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Default Re: ACL surgrey?

Hi There,

My Boxer Lola just recently tore her ACL, at least the vet thinks so. *Im very upset and I have only read horrible things on the internet about this so far. *HCan anyone share their experiences with me on this? *I cant bear to imagine my playful energetic boxer without the ability to run and jump *
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Default Re: ACL surgrey?

I have had two done. *One the "old fashioned" way and one with the TPLO. *Boxerlove is correct in the amount of recovery time and it is crutial that you keep them still as recommended by your vet. *I would take my dog and go to a specialist (ortho) and have an opinion from him on the need for surgery if you have that option. *I think it is much better to have someone who does lots of them to do it incase there are other factors found in the knee when operated upon. *Mine had additional issues and I was glad I had the specialist due the second surgery for the TPLO. *BOth dogs did excellent following their surgeries and recovery time.

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Default Re: ACL surgrey?

I have a 9 year old Boxer Rocky. At 5 years he tore his ACL for 1300 Dollars I had it fixed 3 months later it tore again. I could not afford to fix it and the vet said It could heal the old fashion way, by resting for about 6 to 8 weeks. I did my best but trying to rest an active boxer is like trying to stop a kangaroo from jumping. Anyway it healed in time after he kept reinjuring it. Now he slipps all over the place and he cannot walk in my house without falling down. I am not sure if this is a result of not fixing it or if he just has slippery pads due to old age. mabee some one can let me know if their dog does this.
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Default Re: ACL surgrey?

Hey guys!!

New to the forum, our 2 yr old Boxer Rocky was just diagnosed with a ACL. * *What needs to be done on ROCKY is a TPLO to correct the problem. *Last Sunday we were at the dog beach. Rocky was having too much fun. * * After the beach we were heading home and he was walking kind of funny we jus thought he was tired. After a long nap he still was limping so we decided to call our local ER VET. * They told us that it might be a ACL and to bring him in for x-rays to rule out if he has any broken bones. * *
Well as the vet suspected nothing was broken but to follow up with his regular vet. We went home with pain killers and something for the inflammation. *

We saw his reg Vet this pass weekend. She confirmed that he does have a ACL. And that he will require surgery (TPLO) to repair the problem. * We asked what will it cost she mentioned something like $2500 or $3000. How are we going to come up with this kind of money. So I remembered that he has Pet insurance. I called today and was told that it could cover almost 50% of the cost. I was so happy. *

For all of you that don
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Default Re: ACL surgrey?

ughhh poor baby....My first chihuahua (Pedro) tore his ACL 2 weeks before my wedding from jumping off the bed. *He had the surgery. *When he came home he needed plenty of rest, no running, jumping, etc. *It was much easier to carry him up and down the stairs. *I don't know that I'd ba able to do that with Otis when he gets bigger. *Best of luck to you, hope all goes well. Keep us updated!!

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