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Default Gas build up in my boxer dog

Hello fellow dog owners, I need your guy's advice on what I could do to prevent my boxer dog from getting gas build up in his stomach again that causes him to make gagging reflexes like he needs to puke. A couple days ago I noticed my dog started to make gagging reflexes and would lay on his stomach and would not sit still and eventually puked out white foam at first and then later on he ate some grass and then puked out his dog food. So I rushed him to the emergancy vet hospital and they did an x-ray and said he has a gas building up inside his stomach in which he thinks he got from eating to fast and that he knows my dog is not bloated and his stomach is not twisted. So the vet made him stay overnight and they put a tube in his stomach and cleaned it out and gave me pills to give to him so I went and brought him back home and fed him rice and ground beef together in small portions and he was fine for the next 4 days when I noticed today he was making those gagging reflexes but not as much and he only did it like 5 times today but did not puke like last time. I am just frustrated at the fact that I dont know what is causing this to occur?Would you guys please enlighten this situation for me on what I can do?and the dog food that I was feeding my dog is called natural balance sweet potatoe and fish formula and it is kibble
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Default Re: Gas build up in my boxer dog

If its just from eating to fast find a large rock and place it in the middle of it. Or buy a seperated dog bowl, that'll slow him down.

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Default Re: Gas build up in my boxer dog

I've also heard spreading the kibble out on a baking tray helps slow down the eating.
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Default Re: Gas build up in my boxer dog

You might ask your vet about the possibility of using Simethicone (sp?). *We used Gas-X, but I believe there are some drops available at the drugstore for babies with colic. *We were also told to keep walking him, and massage his back and stomach.

We'd have these same symptoms about every two months, and they seemed connected to pancreatitis and IBD in our case. *It helped but we also had to be in close contact with the vet just to watch for bloat.

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Default Re: Gas build up in my boxer dog

We feed twice a day to split the meal. *I use a Kong ball and fill it with kibble and put it in the middle of his food dish and put the rest of his kibble in with it. *He has to eat around the ball which helps slow things down and then he has to push the ball around to get the other half of his food. *It works well but you gotta be ready to mop the floors often. *I like the ball method because it both slows him down and forces him to problem solve while working for food so nothing is too easy on him.

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Default Re: Gas build up in my boxer dog

Wow, good luck with this. *I have no advice, but the above posts sound helpful. *Our lab is a fast eater (2 c. kibble in about 30 seconds!). *We tried putting an upside down bowl inside his regular bowl with the kibble around it. *That caused him to eat the food in a minute, rather than 30 seconds, so not much help. * *I've also tried the food on the baking tray, but Chipper, aka Hoover, just moved faster to sweep it up. *Maybe the Kong idea would help. *Luckily for me, Chipper doesn't get sick. *In true Lab fashion, there's hardly anything that upsets his cast iron stomach! *Luckily, Duke, the boxer, tends to eat much slower, savoring his food.
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Default Re: Gas build up in my boxer dog

I would also feed two or three small meals a day. Perhaps add a little bit of yogurt ( 1/2 teaspoon) per feeding. If that doesn't work the Kong sounds like a good idea, I would try to place his small meals in the kong and leave him to figure out how to get it out.
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Default Re: Gas build up in my boxer dog

Intestinal gas or gulping food gas?

Ditto on splitting the meals up adding yogurt and putting a ball or kong in the bowl to slow donw the eating.
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