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Default high platelets

Today I got blood test results for my boxer. Her platelets are sky high 1023 ( referance 170-400)...Does anybody know anything? My vet told me that it is unusual...
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Default Re: high platelets

This is very unusual. Hopefully your vet has started more lab tests. High platelet count is usually a sign of something that needs to addressed asap.
Paws crossed the current results are false results or that new tests reveal the cause and a diagnosis can be give so treatment can begin . Keep us posted please.
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Default Re: high platelets

That is very unusual. I've heard of low platelet count, where the blood may not clot properly, but never heard of high counts. I hope your vet can get some answers. Yes, please keep us updated!
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Default Re: high platelets

Did your vet say if they was going to repeat the CBC to recheck the platelets? As for the results you have now has your vet said anything else because high platelets can be a sign of a blood disease it can also be signs that the bone marrow needs checked. I am not a vet this is just what i have learned working for my vet over the years. I hope everything goes ok and will keep you in my thoughts
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Default Re: high platelets

Thank you all for your kind words. I was surprised to get replyes so soon. We do love our boxers! I am just going to give you all a little bit of info. My Amy is 2.5 years old. Last time we check her blood her platelets level was low but the blood was clotted so it was not reliable and my vet have never told me about this, she just told me that everything was fine. Who knows...may be she had this high level before...Amy does have some problems...We all know about boxers cardiomyopathy. If someone don't know it is a genetic condition involved heart muscle what gives irregular heart rate, heart failure, syncope, and even sudden death...short to say IT IS NOT GOOD. I think that my dog has this condition. Since puppyhood she has irregular heart rate, she easily becames short of breath...Guess what guys...Amy was seen by 4 different vets and they all told me that she is fine and that they can not hear any arrythmia (irregular heart rate)...They need go to school again because even my daughter can get this irregular bits. Due to my professional skills I am positive about my findings. Advice: put your hand or better get stetoscopre on your dog and check her/his heart rate multiple times because it can fluctuate a lot. Don't trust all vets. They don't have ausculatation knowledge (listening to body sounds) I became sick of looking for a good vet...so just gave up and keep her out of their services for a year...Is this all about money only? Really guys it is scary. I even did not neutrale her (I probably misspelled this, sorry, English is my 2nd lang.) because I knew that if she has heart condition anesthesia is very dangerous...Because Amy needs her vaccination I decided to try again and did went to see a new vet...still looking for a good one...The vet can not hear anything but at least she believed me...She gave me refferall for a cardiologist (stupid me I did not know that I can do this before)...So, Amy is going to be seen be the cardiologist on June 1st...there is a long line to get in...I pray that he would be able to tell me that I am an idiot and my dog is fine...The blood work was done prior this consultation and that's how I found about her platelets count. I know about human body and there are a lot of reasons for high platelets...no idea about dogs...My dogs acts fine, so no change here... Lipase is also elevated but not significant, amylase is fine, usually they supposed to go up togheter if there is liver or pancreas problem. A little bit of white blood cells in the urine but the sample was not sterile plus can be vaginitis...I am concern only about platelets. It can be onkology but my dog is young, feels healthy. has good appetite and what is most important all platelets shapes are the same and normal looking....The plan is to see the cardiologist and then repeat blood work... Long post sorry, but I hope it will help someone oneday....and thanks again...and comments are still welcome...and sorry for mistakes...and sorry for all these "and"...
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Default Re: high platelets

Hmmm??? I just went through extremely low platalet counts. Never heard about them being so high. Has Amy ever had a holter monitor? Hopefully the cardiologist will do this. It is very important when cardiomyopathy is suspected. Hope that you get some answers soon!
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Default Re: high platelets

The holter monitor someone needs when irregular heart rate comes and goes, when it is difficult to notice this. Unfortunetely my Amy has it all the times. One can diagnose it by simple ECG. Will see what happen...Thank you for your reply...According high platelets...I have just did some reading. One of the reasons can be epinephrine. Whena dog becames excited then Epi goes up and this can stimulate platelets increase...This is the best case scenario for us, it's benign...but it can be oncology, infection, autoimmune disease, inflammation or something else...I am worry...
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...just up-date. My dog's platelets count was back to normal in 6 month. So I have no idea what was going on.
She has been seen bu cardiologist and ECG was done...everything was ok...that's what they said...but the story continues...she collapsed last Sunday. I am going to rent Holter first then I need to find an educated cardiologist...I live in Up state NY. Any tips guys?
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