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Default Corneal Ulcers

My older male boxer, Duncan, is suffering from a corneal ulcer in his left eye and I was curious if anyone on the board has had issues with their boxers. If so, what treatment option did you opt for, was it successful, how long did it take to heal, and was there a re-occurence?

Here is our story so far as we have been to the vet multiple times...they have told us that this is a degenerative condition that is common in boxers.

At our first visit, we were given an ointment and it actually seemed to work as the eye looked clear on the re-check visit. Within a week Duncan was favoring the eye again, so we went back. This time they gave us a topical antibiotic solution. There was very little improvement at the re-check, so they sent us to an eye specialist. By the time we went to the specialist the eye had obviously become infected. They gave us a couple of different eye drops, oral antibiotics, and pain meds. They also performed a swab technique to remove some "debris" and hopefully stimulate blood vessels in the eye to surround the cornea and begin the repair process. Earlier this week, we went for a re-check with the specialist and it appears the swab technique did kick start the healing process, but, the eye still shows signs of infection and they aren't optimistic that it will repair itself. We are continuing the treatment for another couple of weeks to see how much more it will heal by itself. They also said that they would not perform a keratotomy until the infection is totally gone.

Anyway, I would be interested in hearing about any situations any of you have had with this!

Here is a pic of my can see the cloudy eye (and his dirty nose from peanut butter sauce.)

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Default Re: Corneal Ulcers

Awwww, what a handsome guy he is...Samson's eyes were starting to get cloudy, but nothing like that..I've had no experience with this, so I'm not much help, hoping one of our members who have had a senior can chime in with any things that they know..Hoping he gets better [-O<
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Default Re: Corneal Ulcers

I had a poodle in the past that developed cloudy eyes and went blind, but they were cataracts. Never had corneal ulcers that I know of.
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Default Re: Corneal Ulcers

have had several with corneal ulcers. My opthamoligist told me that he has never seen one that didn't eventually heal. that being said, the infection is what needs to clear up right now. I have done the third eye-lid flap, the keratatomy, contact lense and the swab cleaning. I have had the same luck with all. All dogs ulcer eventually healed. I would continue with the debrading swab again if needed.

The ulcers did sometimes happen again with Zoe, but they always healed over again eventually. I would say the healing took anywhere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks regardless of how they were treated.
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Default Re: Corneal Ulcers

Ollie had an indolent ulcer this summer ... the ointment didn't do the trick, so we had the grid keratatomy done and it healed up quick after that. The grid keratotamy is a quick and relatively cheap procedure ...
The veterinarian opthalmologist did say there is a high % of reoccurrence though...
Good luck!
Dawn and Ollie
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We had a similar issue with our boxer. I believe it started when we were playing frisbee on a windy day and the frisbee hit him in the eye. We noticed a few days later that his eye looked cloudy like the original poster shows. We took him to the vet and were given some ointment and later given some drops. The following visit to the vet, the eye stain continued to show an infection after several days of using the drops and ointment. The vet then decided to do surgery. They did a "corneal scrape" (their terms), put in a contact lens and sewed his third eyelid shut. Unfortunately, the stitches came loose before we came to pick him up. We took him back to the vet for a follow up a week later and they didn't think it was healing quick enough and they thought we should come back for some blood work.

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to give some background to the issue. It seems that this doesn't quickly heal according to others here. Would you suggest waiting another week or two (totaling 2-3 weeks after surgery) before we go to an eye specialist? At this point, I have lost confidence with the vet we have been going to. Thanks in advance for your input.

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I'd give it some time. The eye specialists don't seem in a big hurry to do surgery. Our last Boxer had three ulcers that eventually healed. If I recall the first eye drops were antibiotics, but then they switched to drops that were antibiotics and cortisone combined. Maybe it was necessary to get rid of the inflammation in order for the antibiotics to work. Hope things improve.

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Ours never learned he was supposed to blink when running through wooded areas. It got expensive.

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So last night we had to take Cosmo into see the vet. He was really trying to get at his left eye (but because he still has on an e-collar from his neutering, he couldn't do it). At any rate, my poor baby has a ulcer in his left eye. The vet has him on two types of eye drops: Atropine Sulfate and Tobramycin. Has anyone here gone this route for treatment and if so...did it work? I hate to see my baby suffering. Now he has to wear his e-collar for another 10 days.
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Default Eye ulcers

My boxer Jiggs has had three surgerys for eye ulcers. Never had a problem until after he was four years old. The first ulcer medication did not work and he had to have surgery and then meds to heal it up. Three months later he got another in the opposite eye and medication alone healed that one. About two months after that was healed he got an ulcer in the left eye again, (first eye) meds did not work and two surgerys later and medication he is all healed up. We are now doing prevention. He now is the coolest looking dog in the neighborhood. When ever he goes out he wears Doggles. (Goggles for dogs) Took about two weeks to train him while wearing e-collar. Now he just stops by the door and waits for us to put them on before going outside or for a walk. ( $30.00 from He does not even try to get them off any more. We also use an eye lubricate. Gen Teal twice a day to wash any possible eye irritants from his eyes. Can be purchased across the counter at any pharmacy for about $10.00. Much cheaper than the vet bill. So far no more problems. I will keep you posted.
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