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Default Black pigment spots under coat on skin


I have a white Boxer that I rescued about 2 months ago. He was in a home with 22 other Boxers and they spent most of the life is crates. When we got him he weighed 42 lbs. (He's 26" at the withers). He was so emaciated and sick. Well, we've finally got him up to a decent weight (54 lbs) and are trying to get him beefed up more. Since we've gotten him though he has developed a BUNCH of dark pigment spots on his skin (Probably close to 20). None of them are raised, they're just popping up all over. I read somewhere that it can be a sign of aging.

The guy at the pound said the owner told him that he was two years old. To me he looks quite a bit older. Since we've gotten him we found out when we got him neutered that he has 15 broken teeth, his toe nails were black (they've turned white finally) and three weeks ago he broke his leg playing in the back yard. Sounds to me like we're dealing with a calcium deficiency as well. Do you think he could've gotten this bad in two years?

I also think he has terrible separation anxiety. Whenever we left and crated him when we return the top of his head would be scratched raw. He never scratched it when we around. We tried a bunch of different remmedies thinking it was an allergic reaction to something, scabies etc... Now after he broke his front leg he can no longer support himself to scratch his head so every time we leave he defecates in his crate. He didn't start doing it until he broke his leg. I can leave for ten minutes and when I return he's pooped in it. I was gone for 4 hours a couple of days ago and when I came home he had defecated in it and it was EVERYWHERE!!! on my walls, the floor the crate and it looked like he rolled in it. He was defecating in his blanket that was in there and pushing it aside so he wouldn't lay in it. I took the blanket out thinking he wouldn't do it, but he still did. It's at the point now where one of us has to stay home with him or he will go to the bathroom. We also have a female and thought that if we crated them next to each other it would relieve some of his anxiety, but that didn't work. I tried putting him in the laundry room with the gate up thinking the anxiety might come from being crated, but that still didn't work. I also tried attaching him to the deck with the leash when it was nice outside and I had to make a quick run to the store (he has to be on a leash to have him walk as little as possible because of his broken leg). This has gone on every single day for the last week. I've been home for spring break but have to return to school on Monday and am dreading it. He goes to the vet today to have his staples removed. Do you think I should suggest he go on some sort of anxiety medication for awhile until we can do some behavior modification techniques?

He's a great, loving dog. He's had such a bad life and we want to make it better for him.
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That poor guy has been thru the mill, so to speak! Somehow, he has attached his crate to pooping. Keep in mind, this poor guy had to live in a cage prior. I find that heart-breaking for any dog. I think with time & love, he'll come around. I don't think the pigment changes mean anything the way you describe them. You gotta have patience with him. His prior life was so cruel. Best of luck to you.

Laneys Mom,
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I don't have any medical advice.. I know my last Boxer developed black spots on the white area of his chest when he was about 2 years old though. Many of them get these spots when they reach adulthood. I see it all the time. Just wanted to say thank you for giving this guy a chance and taking good care of him. Good luck!
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I have a 16 mth old White boxer and she has loads of black spots all over her the ones on her belly and legs you see all the time but when she is wet she looks like a dalmation lol .
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Wow, I'm just catching this. I think the spots are probably normal with white Boxers. I'm quite positive the teeth being broken is a result of not liking being in a crate. My last Boxer HATED being crated and broke her teeth trying to bite the cage

The issues with anxiety, I can totally relate. My male lived in a kennel for the first year of his life, was not socialized AT ALL! He didn't even know how to walk on a leash or anything. I see a holistic vet who is wonderful. Couple tips that have made a tremendous difference in my boy in the year now I've had him is if he's not used to a leash and collar, DO NOT drag him on it. Also, my vet gave me what's called flower essences. Don't know if you've ever heard of it, but you add it to their water. It's supposed to have a calming effect. Here's a link: Pet Essences Calming Solution Flower Essences

There's also something called DAP (Dog-Appeasing Pheromone) that I've heard a lot about that helps calm dogs naturally that you could plug in near his crate. Dog Appeasing Pheromone Collar - Dog Anxiety

I'm not sure if your other dog is a Boxer and you are familiar, but WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT GIVE YOUR DOG ACEPROMAZINE!!! It's a tranquilizer. And make sure your vet knows not to give it as well.

If your dog is not good with people and is shy, what I did with my dog was take him to a training class (not at a pet store) where the trainer let us be observers only (for free). This helped him, number one, get used to going there and actually walking through the door. But got him used to other people and dogs. Also, taking him EVERYWHERE, getting used to different situations. It's helped tremendously that my female has had an issue with her ear and we've made numerous trips to the vet where Duke goes with. Now, he wants to go in first . So every little bit helps. Also when visitors come, let him greet them. Don't let people rush up to him. I think it only scares them more. But when people do come over, let them offer him a treat. My female is very friendly and Duke realized after a while that if he greets people, he'll either get pet or get a treat. So it's a good situation for him.

One other thing, I know you just had him neutered, but did they do a blood panel/CBC wellness panel beforehand? I would want to rule out any metabolic conditions before treating it as simple anxiety. Just my opinion and what I would do.

Wish you the best of luck. Please don't give up on him... It WILL get better. I know it's frustrating, but thank you for rescuing him
Christine, proud mom of Hannah & Duke

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Valant has tons of them
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