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Default Quivering and panting

Last night i fed Jasper and Lexi their dinner and later a raw egg. Shortly afterwards Lexi went off to our living room and was hanging out on the couch by herself. She stayed there all evening which isn't overly unusual although i was a little surprised she was so quiet. Before bed i went to get her to go to the bathroom and she was standing with her front left paw up like she was unsure of something. She was a bit frozen but after lifting her off the couch she came outside, peed and cane back on. When we got into bed she wouldn't sit or lie down, and was panting and quivering. She eventually did lie down but kept panting - checked her gums and they were pink. At some point overnight she left the bed. My husband woke up at 4 and saw her standing beside the bed, panting. I picked her up and put her back on the bed - legs gave been quivery and she's been panting ever since. Her back right leg seems a bit stiff when i try to elongate it or stretch it out. Her gums still seem to be normal pink. I'm planning to call the vet's office as soon as it opens.....does anyone have any thoughts or experienced this before?

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Oh. Poor baby. Sounds like she is in pain. Did you bend and manipulate the leg? Did she react when u stretched it?
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Aw poor thing!!! Hope she feels better really soon!

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Could it be salmonella from the egg? No clue what symptoms are for that. She possibly could have had a small stroke ( to to scare you). She will prob need bloodwork done at the vet. A family unused to nanny for just put their dog down yesterday bc on Thursday she suffered several strokes and her back end was immobile. Breaks my heart! She had a stroke when I was house sitting scariest thing ever! Good luck at he vet'

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Sorry! I have no clue here. Hope your able to get into the vets office quickly & can find out what is going on. Keep us posted.
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If she's running a fever, your vet might want to rule out SRMA, or sterile meningitis. The prognosis is very good, but it needs to be treated early.
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Oh no! I hope everything is ok with your baby!
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This does sound like how Cujo was behaving when he first had meningitis, before the pain got too bad. His regular vet was unable to diagnose him and it wasn't until the next day when the pain got bad and he cried every time he moved his neck that the e-vets had an idea of what they were dealing with. They gave him a pain killer and he was comfortable until they diagnosed him through a lumbar puncture. As soon as they started him on the prednisone he felt a lot better. He was on the prednisone for 6 months (weaned off very slowly) and we have had no problems since.

Hope she's feeling better!
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Thanks everyone for the suggestions and kind thoughts. Just wanted to give an update. After Lexi got up on the bed after 4 am she did finally lie down and fall asleep. When she woke she seemed better, but wasn't really jumping up on furniture as she normally would and wasn't keen on going up the stairs. She also was standing near us with her tail down and ears back. (Seemed okay going down the stairs though.). Thankfully our vet squeezed us in and we took her over. All her vitals were fine (temperature, gums, heart rate), and they checked her legs, spine and neck and she didn't appear to be in any pain despite pressure being placed on her legs. (thank God). The vet also did a "knuckling" test to check reflexes along spinal cord (i think) and lexi did well. So for now we'll keep an eye on her - hopefully she slept funny or pulled a muscle or something less serious. The vet did say she was in great shape in terms of her muscle tone.

No worries about scaring me, btw...the thought of stroke crossed my mind too or possibly another seizure. . Interesting about meningitis - will definitely keep a close eye on her. I also wondered if the egg had anything to do with it which is why i mentioned it. Jasper got one too and is fine and she hasn't been vomiting or had diarrhea so don't think that's it. (The vet also asked about her digestive tract.). I hate things go wrong with our pups and they can't tell us exactly what's wrong. Hopefully she'll be fine.

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Growing pains maybe?
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