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Default Why did you switch to Raw and what has it done for your pet?

I thought it would be nice for everyone to share their stories about why they turned to Raw foods and what improvements they have seen in their pets. Please give a brief history of any medical issues you may have been dealing with and also include how long you have been feeding and when /if you started to see improvements.
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Great topic!

I switched Logan when he was about 10 months old because for some reason kibble wasn't cutting it for him anymore. He alternated between eating a lot of grass, vomitting, and having very loose stools almost on a daily basis. I tried many different brands; Natural Balance Synergy, Wellness, Taste of the Wild (Pacific Stream and Prairie formulas), and finally Earthborn. Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream and Earthborn were the worst for him. The TOTW gave him horrible room clearing gas and immediately after eating every meal of Earthborn he threw it all up. If I remember correctly he had four Earthborn meals and that was the result after every single one.

Initially when I switched him to raw (feeding only skinless/fatless whole chicken legs) he did great the first day or two and then he started to act really mopey and sick one day. I was prepared, or so I thought, for the detox process which could cause an upset tummy, but it still scared me seeing him like this. I guess I paniced and jumped back onto the kibble wagon for one last try and that's when I tried the Earthborn mentioned above. After seeing he couldn't even keep Earthborn down I said the heck with it, we're going back to raw and we're going to stick with it. I fasted him once again for 24 hours and went back to raw and haven't looked back.

Since switching to raw for good in early September, he's been doing so amazing with the diet! I can't recall any loose stools at all. He has only vomitted a couple of times and those I believe had nothing to do with the raw diet (my father loves giving out table scraps which I think didn't sit right in his tummy). His energy level was good even on kibble, but I do feel it's much higher now. He gets much more excited for meal time with raw. Some mornings on kibble he wouldn't bother getting out of bed to eat. He snubbed quite a few meals. With raw, aside from that day when I first switched him, he has not refused one single meal. He's actually tried getting me up and out of bed to feed him before it was time to eat he gets so excited. His coat is super soft and shiny. His teeth are nice and white. He's starting to put some much needed weight back on his bones, mostly well defined muscle now. He just looks amazing and more importantly he looks and acts so healthy and very happy. I couldn't be happier with his progress either.
Mandy, loving mom to...

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Jack has been eating PMR since he was about 4 months old. He didn't have any health issues to speak of, and was eating Tase of the Wild kibble before the switch. He did well on the kibble, but wasn't excited to eat it at all. His breeder had talked about the raw diet she feeds her dogs, but I was chicken. After we got him home and he was eating kibble, my mind kept going back to raw. I researched it and became more and more conviced that it would benefit him long-term, even though he didn't have any health issues yet. It was scary but we did it and he LOVES meal time now. We have noticed that he doesn't smell like a dog, his teeth are very white, his jaws is crazy strong and his coat is soft and shiny. He just looks healthy and fit, in my opinion.
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My Bella was sick the day we brought her home,, she threw up all her kibble and would throw up quite a bit.. she also has a tumour on the top of her head which protrudes into her sinus cavities and a hairs breath away from her brain.we hope and pray it is not going to change but that is as well an only time will tell.... ontop of that my girl also has wobblers disease...which is uncureable and will eventually get worse.. time only tells what is in store for my sweet girl... but to get to the raw food and why... she was throwing up her kibble constantly not gaining like she should and was just so unhappy when eating... I had some great advice about raw from a lot of people on here who are like Bellas extended family told me about raw which still took me some time to finally make the plunge to switch her... and I have to say was the best thing I could have ever done... a few panic moments like hunger pukes and is it safe to feed bones etc,,,, she has done amazing.. grown and filled out and no longer pukes her food and cannot wait for dinner... her wobblers is still there but not as noticeable and her poos are fantastic.. my boys were always raw fed from the moment they were weaned and are doing amazing as well at not quite seven months are well over 60 lbs each.... thank you so much to all who recommended raw and helped us through it

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Wow... I had no idea poor Bella was so sick! I missed a lot of time last year after I lost Riley so now I guess I'm playing catch up. I'm going to research wobbler's disease. I've never heard of it before. I hope she continues to do well.
Mandy, loving mom to...

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Rex has been eating Raw for 7 months now and Man never been happier since the switch.

He didn't have any health issues before other than acne, and was eating Acana kibble before the switch as that's the only kibble he would eat and didn't give him BAD GAS. He did well on that kibble, but wasn't excited to eat it at all.

Meal time is an excitement now always at my feet waiting when he see's me grabbing meat out of the fridge. We have noticed that his teeth are very white, his jaws are strong and his coat is soft and shiny. He also has the BEST POOPS/NOT as Bad of GAS!!... No More liquid and if it is not normal looking i add more Bone into his food, Unlike Kibble you cant determine what's causing the runny poops before... I love what its doing for my babies and will always keep them Raw Fed

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Great topic!!! It's topics like these that made me give raw a chance. Here's Keenyah's story...

I got Keenyah at 6 weeks old from a rescue in WI. They don't normally let puppies go that early but they had found her and 30 other puppies in a barn and they just didn't have the room so the healthiest puppies went to homes ASAP. They believed that was better than stuffing them in a shelter with the sick puppies. When I brought Keenyah home we almost instantly had diarrhea. She was tested for everything several times. Giardia, Cocchidia, etc etc etc etc. They would medicate her and she'd get better for a week or two and then we'd be back at square one. Now when I say diarrhea, I mean EXPLOSIONS!!! Not just squishy poop. The vet I was using was no help, he wanted her on medication permanently. He didn't offer any answers or possible solutions. So I started researching it myself and through a German Shepherd forum I am part of, they lead me to food allergies! One girl sent me some GREAT information on nutrition and from there I chose Fromm Family and changed her protien source from chicken to duck. The diarrhea cleared up almost instantly! We went several months without any episodes(very rare for her!). So I found a new vet and discussed my findings with him. He agreed it must be chicken and lamb that sets her off. Well about 6 months after starting this food, the diarrhea started again. So again, we switched her food and it cleared up. The vet can't really explain this(no vet can that I've talked to) but ever 6-8 months her body would become intolerant of whatever food she was on. She would either get explosive diarrhea again or she would start ripping her fur out and had HORRENDOUS dandruff! We're talking my black dog was nearly white from dandruff. Well we finally found a food and supplement combination that seemed to work. She was on it for over a year and had no diarrhea and her coat had a little dandruff but very manageable. Then one day she started to bloat. Most terrifying day of my life!!! The vets induced vomiting on her and got it under control before he stomach twisted. Thank god! However, after that incident, she started bloating almost everytime she ate. After she ate I would have to "burp her". I would hav eto stand her up and rub her stomach until she either burped or farted. She was inhaling soooo much air from her eating excitement. The vets recommended those obstacle food bowls and for awhile they worked great until she figured out her way around the obstacles(this girl is too smart for her own good sometiems!) So again through that girl in the German Shepherd forum, she pointed me in the direction of trying raw. She sent me LOADS of helpful information and taught me how to properly feed it.. We started Raw feeding in January 2011. I tell you, this girl is a new dog! She has more energy. Her muscle mass has never been better. She doesn't have a speck of dandruff on her and her coat is softer and more gorgeous than I've EVER seen it! She has the cleanest teeth ever(she's neve rhad a dental and the vet says she doesn't need it!). We have had very few episodes of diarrhea since we started raw and everytime she's had them its easily explained(too many treats or human food. etc). Raw changed both of our lives for the better. She's a much happier, healthier dog and I'm a much happier owner!


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As a pup, Leila was a picky eater. We probably have gone through at least 5 different brands of dog good from Beneful (when I didn't know any better) to TOTW (4 different flavors). She would eat on a regular basis and eventually would lose interest. I read about the raw diet here on the forum. She's been on the raw diet for over a year now and she's doing well on it. Her coat's shiny and smooth - we get a lot of compliments on her fur. Her poop's great - small and firm. And her teeth are white and clean. And she has a healthy appetite everyday. We alternate between smelt and beef for breakfast. And for dinner, she's fed chicken meat with bones, chicken liver and yogurt. Although she loves pork and bigger organ meats, it gives her the runs.
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Love this thread!!

My girl was plagued with issues from the time we got her. Non stop issues with her poops to full blow allery attacks to the point where she got hemroids lost a tremendous amount of weight that she didn't have to lose in the first place, it was awful. We switched food numerous timesand finally an angel (**ahem, Kari) said that I should give Lexi a try on PMR. Lexi has been PMR fed for 9 months and has had NO issues with her allergies since, her BM's have been consistent and she's put all the weight and more back on that she's lost. It gave her a new life, and this vegetarian's eyes opened to what it's meant to feed a species appropriate diet to my carnivore!!
"He is your friend, your partner, your defender - your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion". - Unknown.

Katie - Lexi's (boxer, plain fawn, docked and floppy, 3 years old) Mom.

Lexi's been PMR fed since February 2012.
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My guys have been on raw since June 2...my oldest had been on kibble for 5 years and the pup only a couple months.The pup took to the raw right away but my older guy took a couple of weeks to get use to it...I had to hold the chicken legs for him so he could get use to crunching the bones....both of them are sitting at my feet now when it is feedind time....my older one gets up at 6 O clock in the morning now wanting breakfast....both of them have very soft shiny coats and lots of energy.
I'm still learning different things I can feed them....so Kari I talked to a lady yesterday who feeds raw and said she gets cow tails,cow cheeks (front cheeks)and cow snouts, wondering if these are OK to feed....can get these at my butchers pretty cheap.
Will never regret switching to raw.
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