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I gotta say that Reuben is horrible in the evening. He sounds just like yours. Time outs in the crate work well. He goe in all the time by himself to take little naps, so he has no problem with it. We do not make a big fuss, but when he gets out of control he will not go in by himself. We have to grab him to settle him down then just lead him in quietly. He imediately lies down. We let him in for about 10 min or so & he does come out much calmer.
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I have tried it but sometimes I think the best time out is when I take it. Just sit down take deep breath and tell your sel f" this too will pass."
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Never thought about a time out for dogs. I'm a preschool teacher and it usually works for my students! Sometimes when Wyatt plays he gets too rough with me. Jumping on us and starting to playful bite ( which hurts now he's getting bigger and stronger) we always tell him no bite/no jump but he just doesn't get it. I'm afraid if I tried the water bottle technique he'd like it bc he loves being wet. I could use some help too

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I use time-outs for Aspen but I don't crate her or put her in a seperate room, I just put her in a sit in the corner of the living room. It's rare that I have to use it, usually just if she's barking at the window or barking at a visiting dog who she wants to play with. It usually works after the first time but if she reverts back to her behaviour once she is released from her sit then I immediately put her back in her time-out. I've never had to do it more than twice before she gets the idea.

How much obedience training/heel walking do you do with your dog? This behaviour might be helped if she develops more respect for your authority. Will probably also help if she wasn't allowed on the furniture/bed.
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Originally Posted by jessmke View Post

How much obedience training/heel walking do you do with your dog? This behaviour might be helped if she develops more respect for your authority.

This was my first thought as well when I first read this post. In my mind I clearly see a dog attempting to control you. This is an act of struggle for dominance.

The opening statement in this post basically outlined everything that seems to be happening here. I have a dog behaving badly and she is very very loved/ spoiled.

I'm not being mean here so please don't take it that way. My own female boxer did this with me for a very brief time. I personally don't use creates at home, just my own preference, but when one of my buddies gets outta line, all I have to do is lower the tone of my voice a tiny bit and I have their full attention. Rarely do I have to say no more than once. If they get wound up, I ask them to take it outside. If someone is feeling grumpy, I tell them to go to bed.

The thing is, what works for me in my home with my buddies works because I raised them based on my own needs and abilities. I have Lupus and have recently had spinal surgery as well. If one of my pack of pups misbehaved and I had to rely on being able to physically go to them, place a leash on them and then place in crate or a time out, I'd be overrun in no time as moving can at times be very painful for me. They know what "go outside" means and they know what "go to bed" means and they are only 15 weeks old. Like all things in life, a language barrier can create huge obstacles. Teach them your language.

With my adult male, all I have to say is "are you being bad?" and he will hang his head and go to our bedroom. Such seems to be the nature of opposite sex pets as all my male dogs have readily accepted me as the alpha. My adult female on the other hand had to challenge me as was her nature but she never once challenged hubby. I had to work with her daily on a leash until she accepted me as alpha. Now, when she's say, eyeing my chickens or ducks, I ask her, "are you being bad?" and she will come to me, sit and wait for instruction. If I pick up a leash, she is Johnny-on-the-spot at my heel ready to submit.

Sorry, I'm long winded... Anyway, my point being, if the time out works for you, then use it. If you feel badly about having to use it, then honestly, it doesn't really work for you. I think the best thing you can do when raising a furry 4 legger is be honest with yourself about what you want, what you're willing to accept and not and then working within those confines based on your abilities. Accept that puppies are no different than a human child in regard to the fact that they will make mistakes but really want to please you. After all, if I'm a dog and mom and or dad are gone all day long at work and then something I've done gets me attention when they get home, good or bad, I will continue to get their attention.

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Originally Posted by mahesh_gkumar View Post
One other thing I wanted to add...don't give him a timeout in his crate (if you use one), because it will cause the pup to resent the crate.
It depends on how you make them go to the crate for a time out. My dad would yell at our female so she hates the crate and hesitates now to go in. However our male has no issues going into his crate anytime we leave. My weenie dog I'd say sternly go lay down and point to his crate, he'd reluctantly go but now he loves his crate. Just depends how you get them in their crate. Ours when we let them out we give praises and doggy loves so they know they were not in trouble.
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