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Old 10-28-2012, 11:02 PM   #1 (permalink)
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Default Rain + Potty breaks = frustration

Sadie has only had two accidents in the house since we've gotten her, so in my opinion she's done really well with house breaking.

Well, we're getting the effects of hurricane sandy right now, just rain atm, and she has had 6 accidents in the house so far today. She doesn't like being outside in the cold rain and wont use it out there and won't notify us when she's ready to go outside because she knows it's raining.

It's supposed to be raining like this for the next...forever. We cannot handle these accidents! lol.

What do we do to make her go outside and notify us as normal!?
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Lol- sorry.
Mine hate the rain and I am NJ - Sandy is supposed to make a pretty much direct hit on us although it's not raining yet.
Even though our yard is fenced I am certain I will be going out in the storm with my two to get them to "take care of business"- I might even have to take them out on leash.

Take Sadie out on regular intervals and stand in the rain with her and pretend all is well.

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If my pups go out, I go out. I always leash them in rainy weather. They don't seem to mind doing their business but then as soon as they are done they head right back up the stairs into the house. It helps though that we use the front yard for quick potty times and the back yard for playing in. Mine are 6 months and 12 weeks. Usually potty times are seperate so I have to go out twice as long. If i bring them out together they don't always potty the exact time and one pulls for the door and the other is pulling the opposite way!
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Neither of mine like the rain but Pheona will run out...do what she has to do & beeline back to the door. We got her used to being dried off too. We still go out with Murphy as she is still young.
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We do go out with her and have her on a leash. We don't have a fenced in backyard, yet. lol.

It seems like she'd rather stand out forever ( We stood for 35 mins at one point in time) and not potty than potty really fast and come in sooner. The moment we bring her in, she potties. It's almost like she refuses to in the rain.
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Old 10-29-2012, 01:22 AM   #6 (permalink)
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lol mine hates rain too. We just got over A LOT of rain and I'd send her out and she would turn around with her tail tucked and ears back with this pathetic look on her face and try to come back in. "no, go POTTY!" and she would look at me like..... "but..... it's RAINING! Do I HAVE to? I don't REALLY have to go that bad!" haha. Then she would speed poop or pee and come bolting back in. :P
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I agree with the others, join her outside! In the rain I take her out regularly and I will stand with her and tell her to wee, she knows now that when I take her out to wee, day or night she has to wee before she gets to come back in the house!
But in the past few weeks she has decided that running in the rain is fun! Now my job is keeping her inside or not letting her in when she is muddy!
Mummy of Sally, a Red and white Boxer born end of May 2012!
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Ours will gladly go out into the rain and potty and play. Oh and don't forget to stop by the chicken coop and pig pen and check on them as well. They'll stand at the fence forever trying to get a look at the smart animals staying out of the rain. It's when they come back in that the fun starts in our home.

We have to form an assembly line of sorts causing a back up at I-Doggy Door Junction. Feet get cleaned first before they leave the linoleum entrance then on to the next person for an all over towel down. When it rains, I usually end up with several extra loads of laundry full of pup towels and blankets. After our living room's first mud bath, I take no chances when it even looks like rain.

However, I used to have an old GSD that hated the rain. I would take him out with a large umbrella to go potty. Of course you have to watch where your feet are if you do this. Our poor Bosco would try not to look at me as he did his poops when under the umbrella. He was a privacy pooper unless of corse, it was raining.
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Buster WILL NOT GO OUTSIDE IN THE RAIN unless escorted with an umbrella held over him if you force him out in it he will pee on the corner of the house by the back door and be barking to be back in BEFORE he is finished pottying he is the worlds biggest wuss the girlys just dont care rain ok snow ok sleet ok sun ok they are easy and yes we have "dog towels " at the back door for rainy days and mats for mud and if really muddy are told to go get their feet and tummys washed and will wait at the shower for me to get there I at least pull the bathroom rugs before letting mud puppy's in they house just in case they need a quick rinse but Budda never needs a rinse since he refuses to get wet he also will not walk in mud so all pottying is done on sidewalk when its wet out
Carol mommy of Roxi aka "rotten" at the bridge RIP sweet girl you are missed, Brandi, Buster and miss Ziggy and occasionally Mia

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Duke refuses to go out also. You literally have to drag him out. He will hold "number two" for a day or two. He will run out pee and come back though. All of this is on a leash by the way. And of course it's going to rain for the next week...
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