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I use a prong on Bosley. Like the others have said, once you train yourself on how to use it properly they are great tools.

It's basically a collar that helps to re-direct their attention back to you (that's what they should be used for). And yes, it's one quick snap and then release. Usually it's enought to get their attention. It's not a pleasant feeling but it should not hurt them either.

I don't use it all the time (it's supposed to be a training tool, not a permanent fixture) but when I find Bosley not listening quite as well as I'd like to, I'll pull it out he usually checks himself in again I found a harness just encouraged him to pull more...

It's the same thing with any training tool. You must learn how to use it correctly to get the results you want.
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Rocco's hair is normal too.
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not a big fan of them either but we do use one on Buster he is not a fan of intact males and on any encounter with one it is the only way to stop the charge after the other dog one quick snap and he will stop in his tracks my girls have never needed one
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I absolutely love them.....Chelsea is a puller and she jumps and everything she see on the road, Hawkeye is a puller also, it was impossible to walk them the leashes would get tangled because Chelsea was all over the place. Plus I was walking three dogs at the time, but Stryker was a joy to walk....most of the time i had to check to make sure i hadn't dropped the leashed....he walked by my side - not because of training that's just where he wanted to be.

So I finally decided if I'm going to walk these two and better do something...i tried ALL the no pull harness' and halties....they helped a bit but still with Chelsea's little jumps she was yanking at my arm constantly.

Well since i bought the pinch collars, it's a dream to walk them - totally different......... and they both get super excited when then see me take out the collars and sit while i put the collars on.

Never had to give Chelsea a correction her first little jump with the collar on - that was like - hey what's that and for Hawkeye - one mild - no pull correction and that's been it.

For us they're great!
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Horatio is the same way as Bosley with the harness. It becomes more of a game to pull when he's in the harness. I think I'll be using the prong collar with him to train proper walking etiquette, not as a permanent fixture. Keenyah's is used everytime we're out and about but that's just to keep her dog aggression in check. She's not a puller at all.

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We use one our 2 year old Keri. Before she was pulling all over the place while walking to the point she was choking herself with the regular collar to the point you could her gasping. Being concerned about that, we tried the prong collar and it work liked a charm. She was very easy to walk with after that right by our sides with no thought in the world. Just one quick pull and release is all it took.

We don't use it very often, but when we do, she doesn't mind at all. Acutally, most of the times I walk her I use it, b/c she is so strong she has actually pulled me over a few times going after blowing leaves or squirrels. My husband never uses it, but he is alot stronger than I am as well.. We did try a gentle lead where it goes around the snout, but she wasn't having any of that. Good luck. let us know how it goes
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It's funny how our dogs are so different. Mine pulled with just a collar, but so far they've all calmed down when they get harnessed. The worst one to walk is actually Mason, but even he's not bad at all when it comes to pulling. He just wants to walk faster than I do half the time. LOL
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Love my old dude...he is so matching my pace and no more
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Big supporter of the prong collar. As long as you know how to use it then its fine.
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When Tucker went to obedience class, the instructor insisted on them. Tucker was and still is a puller. The prong collar didn't phase him. He'd pull so hard with the prong collar ON that his neck was all chafed and bleeding. We took the collar off and dropped the class. I won't ever use them again.

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