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Default Female boxer and male boxer puppy - questions

Hi! I am new to this forum - I love what I have read so far. Anyway, can someone tell me what is and is not appropriate behavior for a female adult boxer and a male boxer puppy? Just got the puppy on Friday. We introduced them outside. Maggie learned to and does play quite roughly with the two big neighbor dogs. It seems she is NOT wanting the puppy around her food bowl . . . .we used to keep her food out all the time. Now we take it up. She growls if puppy comes up to her when she has a toy in her mouth, but lets puppy have toy if she is not using it. She has snipped at him twice with big growl after he was jumping at her and I think a puppy tooth caught her, and when he stepped on her when she was laying down. Outside, she is disinterested in him while he is jumping all around her like a rabbit and really wanting her to play. We are staying out of it, hoping they will work it out. When the snip w/growl occurred, I just yelled and it stopped with puppy running under table. Does this sound normal? Thanks for any and all help!!!
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Hello and welcome from Texas

THis sounds like resource guarding. You need to feed the dogs seperately. In a crate even better. Until they can learn to share the toys keep them up and away from the two when they are together. Bones, balls, stuffies whatever it is. And yes it means the toys are out of the way. You have to teach the older one to share and the younger one to respect the older one. That they will have to work out on their own. It will take presistance, patience and time and it can workout. Make sure to never leave the two alone without watching them. it only takes a second and she can hurt the puppy badly. You can work on them with treats from time to time. make them sit and stay and give each one a treat, a small quickly eaten one. Eventually she will see that he isn't there to take all her stuff. Also never crate them together. Good luck.
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I guess I got lucky. Pheona doesn't mind if Murphy gets close to her dish or the toys. We watch them when they eat (they are not next to each other) so we can make sure that Murphy doesn't get into Pheona's bowl. Pheona doesn't mess with Murphy's stuff. When we feed them though, we always put Pheona's dish down first & release her from a sit/stay to eat. Then we make Murphy sit/stay and then release her to eat. It seems to be working in our house.
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I never feed my three dogs close together. One eats in the dining room, and the other two eat, facing away from each other on opposite sides of the kitchen. I also make mine each sit while I put the bowl down, and also to wait a few seconds before they're allowed to eat. I would definitely put the toys away for now, until they get better used to each other, and I'd feed them in different rooms. If either one invades the other's space during feeding time, I'd feed them in their crates. I'd play with them separately for awhile.

Your older dog is feeling a little displaced, it seems to me (real or imaginary; it doesn't matter in her mind). Make sure you feed her first, every time. When giving treats to both, give the older dog her treat first. They keep track of things like that! I always feed my dogs in the order I got them, and they're okay with that. Dempsey came into the household last, so he has to wait the longest, by a minute or so. At every meal, he runs to his spot and waits, drool pouring out of his mouth!
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Default getting a bit better

Thank you for all replies. I am feeding the older one first - she had been used to having her bowl full all day. She doesn't mess with the puppy food. Made some progress playing yesterday - Maggie (adult) actually initiated play with Angus (puppy). She plays quite rough and Angus didn't know what to make of it. Still has to have toy in her mouth playing keep away and growling. If I discipline that, doesn't that make her displaced from alpha role and teaching puppy? Please let me know, we don't want to encourage the wrong things. Maggie was playing with puppy, just growled when puppy went to her mouth when any toy is there. If toy on ground, no issue. Thanks!!
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