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I agree as well with what has been said this breed needs lot of stimulation mental and physical and I also agree that it both angers and frustrates me when people don't do any research on the breed and expect them to be this perfect dog. You need to put a lot of time into teaching your pet rules and boundaries and a professional trainer is a tool that can do wonders. My main point is when you buy or rescue a pet it's a life long commitment they are living beings and in my opinion family and they are not something you can just toss aside. It's a shame and we see it everyday and its the dog that get dumped left at a shelter wondering why he/she is there. If you can't put any time into your pet then you really have no business owning a dog
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I am also think if you lucky enough to get a puppy that still is not stronger than you, it is the time to teach them to walk on the leash without pulling, and all the other commands.
I am really amazed with Bruno (9 week old) He is very smart. My female Boxers took me awhile to train them. This little guy I show him how to sit and he is already sitting with the command, sometimes even without a treat.
I am trying now to teach him the FIND command so I can play with him the hide and seek.
Are the Boxers boys smarter than the girls? I am also work with my daughter's Female Lab and is not been easy. I wonder if boys learn easy than girls.

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Default My Dog Is Crazy

I agree with everyone. I recently bought Wyatt a 3 in 1 game. We do it 2-4 times a week and only for about 5 minutes at a time... Then afterwards we do some basic sit, down, stay. Shake( or as he likes it, "nice to meetcha)! High 5's. A little bit of loose leash training inside since he struggles with walks... And I keep that to about 5-15 minutes also. And he will usually nap for a good 45 minutes afterwards. So the whole NILF/brain stimulation thing is key! Once the weather clears up we will be at the dog park at least 2-3 times a week...

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Default My Dog Is Crazy

Forgot to add a pic of the game Attachment 28434

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I agree with everyone else on the boredom! Most the time it is our faults when our dogs act out, it's up to us to figure out what we're doing wrong and how to fix it! I've learned that in the short 6 months we've had Sadie! haha. So applauds for trying to figure out how to adjust your life to fit your precious baby!

For Sadie when she starts acting out, if she's had her exercise, we give her a Kong stuffed with treats or play a game with her. If she's just misbehaving or if we don't have time (Which is rare, cause we make time for her) we crate her. =]

If you do end up crate training your dog just make sure not to keep it in there for too long! That will make things 10x worse when you get it back out!
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by the sounds of it she is bored and maybe needs to go to puppy class or some sort of training.

her jumping and pouncing with the front paws is typical boxer behavior. but with proper training and control she will know when to play and not play
Tessa, Mom to Rusty and Dually

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Oh I love the idea of the cup game! Duke would love that! Thanks

As for your dog, like everyone else said, sounds like she's bored. Also, boxers are very vocal and make lots of scary sounding sounds when they play. But they are just playing. However, they are very strong and muscular, so they play rough. I don't think your dog sounds aggressive at all. Just bored and looking for attention.

Everyone has made great suggestions. If she is getting enough physical exercise then maybe she needs mental stimulation. Good luck but don't give up on her!
Susy, mom to...

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we play a hide game too I started by putting them in the bathroom and hideing treats but the girlys and I have graduated to doing scent work as they LOVE the "game" of it we do not have any scent clubs or classes here but I read up on line and got some scented oils and cotton balls and they have learned to find and signal the scents I use we do this outside in the summer and inside in the winter but the inside is so limited on space that we really cant do much Buster does not like the "game" at all not even for treats so he usually just hangs out while we play but to the OP your dog does sound Board and needs some stimulation to make your and his life better mine also have mind game treat dispensers that they can do on their own and each other to romp with but of course still like a game of frizbee and ball and tug daily as well as walks and runs Boxers are a breed to keep you busy
Carol mommy of Roxi aka "rotten" at the bridge RIP sweet girl you are missed, Brandi, Buster and miss Ziggy and occasionally Mia

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My husband plays "you can look at it, but you can't have it" with Porter's toys. They play pretty rough. LOL. Hubby LOVES it. I want to try the cup game! I hide treats around the house before I leave for work to try to keep him busy.
Molly, Mom to Porter and Fiona
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As stated, treat her as you would any other living being in your family. Boxers need stimulation, mental & phyical. Tyson will start to act up like that if we don't take him to the park, walks, or at least 20 min of one on one play. There's nothing like get run into by a 60 lb 4 by 4.
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