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Default How can you ignore a boxer???

What do you do when you get home and your boxer greets you??? Or should I say what does your boxer do?? Duke goes absolutely freakin' NUTS--like this I have heard that you should ignore them until they calm down and then acknowledge them. I just find this incredibly hard. I am just as happy to see him. BUT, I would really like it if he didn't maul (with his tongue) any person who came near him. He is just so excited to see everyone... I was reading Mellow D's thread about showing and could just see in my mind what Duke would do with that many dogs and that many people. I know he is still a puppy. I am just curious how do you train them to stand so still???
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Default Re: How can you ignore a boxer???

I dont know. I am reading a puppy training book right now.. so hope to find out. Oakley lips when someone shows up or we got to someones house. She is happy to see anyone and everyone at all times! I try to make her sit so they can pet her but she wiggles out of those sits pretty quick.

Thanksgiving with all of my little cousins should be interesting. Oakley is going to lose it!
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Default Re: How can you ignore a boxer???

It is SO hard to ignore that wiggling bean. As long as Daisy is just beaning and wiggling we greet her. If she jumps (which is rare) we turn our back and ignore her. You'd be surprised how quickly they catch on to this. We've done it from day 1.
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Default Re: How can you ignore a boxer???

When company comes to the door, SuzyQ has to sit a few feet away and stay till we tell her it's ok, unless it's someone that doesn't like dogs (there are some ), then she has to stay on her bed in the living room and we don't let her go near them. But that is the result of a lot of training, when she was little, we would put a lead on her and one of us would stay by her and see that she sat still (that only took a couple hundred years to sink in) and when she got better we would just take hold of her collar if she tried to get up and gently put her in sit again. But that comes just from teaching them to sit and stay also. I;m sure some of the people here that train show dogs, can tell you how they train them to really be so still, we settle for her not assaulting people at the front door When we come home and if she gets toooooo rambunctious I do just turn my back on her and ignore her and it's amazing - she hates that and will voluntarily sit down till I turn around and pay attention to her. I just do it until she calms down a little. But your baby at 6 months will take a while, he's still such a pup. But it will sink in eventually.
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Default Re: How can you ignore a boxer???

I couldn't have said it better myself ^^^^ that's what i do.
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Default Re: How can you ignore a boxer???

With Apollo ignoring him when he jumps works well, but not with Baxter.

I am having a TERRIBLE time getting him not to jump. If I turn my back on him he just continually jumps on my back (and it hurts). If I bring my knee up to knock him off balence he just thinks I want to play. What I have to do is put him in a sit and rub his chest until he is calm, but he's almost 50lbs now and this is very hard to do. It's not just the jumping when he first sees you either, he wants to play and he mouths your hands and attacks your feet. He practically knocks me over every time. Sometimes it seems like he will never learn this, as I see no improvment. But I know , especailly as he gets older, if I'm consistant eventually he'll stop. It's my only complaint about Baxter.
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Default Re: How can you ignore a boxer???

I completely agree re: turning your back when they jump. Some will catch on faster than others. Whenever I have guests over they are instructed to not give Laila any attention until she is calm, i.e., not jumping. I sometimes will have treats on hand to lure her into a sit when guests arrive, too. Maybe when you come home, have some treats ready and tell him to sit, and then give him some pats for the good behavior.

She no longer jumps on anyone, but who can resist all that kidney beaning and wiggling???!!! My favorite thing about coming home is her greeting. I just love it! And, tend to encourage it....

I just don't tolerate the jumping.

Suzan and Laila

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Default Re: How can you ignore a boxer???

Mine get pretty nutz when I come home, so I generally do the "ignore" as well, which of course they don't like..Angel talks, a lot and will not hesitate to let you know that she is unhappy you left her too long, so that gets Flick going..What I do is put them in a sit, put my finger to my mouth(sshhh) and make them wait. You can see those butts wiggling and half the time I start laughing at them, so I'm no help

To answer your question tho, it's very difficult to ignore a Boxer, they just won't have it..
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