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Sunomi won't swim much either. He will go out about chest deep, and that is as long as his feet can touch bottom. One time he did swim. He was after a pop bottle that my Fiance's uncle threw in for him, just to see if he would swim. Once he realized he wasn't touching bottom, he freaked and I had to get him. He did swim for a little bit, but he is by no means a swimmer. And as of right now, either is our pointer. He won't even step in yet. But he loves a bath. Go figure!!!!

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The first few times we had Kelsey around water, it was just her and us....and she was not interested at all in going in more than ankle high. However, what got her to finally go in was going with Maya (our other dog, who LOVES to swim)....we would throw Maya a stick out in the water, and after a few throws Kelsey couldn't stand just sitting on the side line and watching Maya go out and get the stick. So she started going out with her and started swimming with her. Like others have said though, she is not very bouyant, and would tire quickly. We got them life jackers earlier this summer, and now we can't get her/them out of the water. We have to go get both of them out of the water when we're ready to go. So if you know someone with a swimming dog I'd recommend going together and see if she learns from another dog....

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thanks for a;; the advice!! i will def invest in a life jacket and just take it easy she is only a year old so mahbe she will warm up to the idea!! or male gets so scared he is almost paralyzed, but i hope with her adventurous attitude she will learn
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My guy loves the water. First time he was at y parents house. Jumped right into the pool. No fear. Few months later at my uncles. Right off the dock. Hes definetly not the best swimmer but he enjoys it!!

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Nikki hates the water! I have a pool so put her in now and again so that 1 if she ever fell in she knows how to get out and 2 to keep her cool in the summer. I keep my door open when we are in the pool so the dogs and go in and out of the house but it still gets hot so I soak them down too. Nikki and my pug hate it!!! You'd think I was trying to drown them!! I like to go in slow so I put them in slow to and then let the swim to the steps as I guide them. It's a huge panic lol. And they really don't get too far from the steps so they are not swimming more than a couple steps away. My cocker however loved the pool! She used to float on a float with us

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Buster NO WAY no water no how ( except he likes warm showers weird dog )
Brandi likes the water but sinks like a stone with out her life jacket
Now miss ziggs is a complete water rat !! we call her and Mia the pond puppies they can find the only puddle in a 3 mile radius if it means they can get wet and are in my ponds all summer I have to clean the dog hair out of my pumps weekly LOL
Carol mommy of Roxi aka "rotten" at the bridge RIP sweet girl you are missed, Brandi, Buster and miss Ziggy and occasionally Mia

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Mya swims.

Grab a stick and play fetch with the pup by the water. Slowly throw the stick by the water - moving progressively in the deep part. Of course, this is done over time - but in my case took 10 minutes. LOL

Anyway, ya thats how I taught Mya. Now she can swim really far.
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I tried teaching Logan this past summer and realized fast that he's a sinker! Even with a life jacket he still manages to sink. I bring him in the pool with me, but I have to hold him. He enjoys being in the water if I'm holding him.
Mandy, loving mom to...

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Gunny and Sophie LOVED being in the pool, but they weren't swimmers by any means! They each have/had their own life jackets as well as floats, lol.. I am hoping to get Justice in the pool this summer, I am sure he will love it as well.. But my Sampson HATE HATE HATES the pool! When it is very hot we will put him in (holding him the whole time) long enough to get him nice and soaked, and set him back out. He loves baths, but when his feet cannot reach the bottom he is not a happy camper. I found with Gunny that a human life jacket was the best, he was so deep chested that the doggie life jacket would make him uncomfortable, and (the bright orange life jacket, that people keep on boats ) had a nice place for him to rest his heavey head.. wish i had pictures of it
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I have been taking Sally to the beach since she was 3 months.
She loves the sand and will go to her chest with out a second though, she has only gone out deeper 2 times. The first was by accident in enthusiam in a game of chase, and she freaked but swam nicely back, and the last time was at a beach with bigger waves and she was chasing something that was floating and got dumped by a wave! She loved it so much she went back for seconds and thirds!
Sally is a water dog goes in every puddle she can pull me into... her toes are very webbed so I figure she should be able to swim when she gets the hang of it!
She can't work out why the beach water tastes so funny though... :P

My mum's pointer was terrified of water until we went to the beach on a 40C day (108F) and she wanted to go in but the "waves" (ripples) scared her, she was looking SO miserable we dragged her past, we knew she could reach the ground where we dragged her to... and suddenly she started swimming, she LOVED it! She swam until she was completely exhausted! We ended up having to carry her back to the car because she was so tired! the only problem we had with her and swimming was that she kept trying to climb on us... and we both ended up with lots of cuts and scratches.
Mummy of Sally, a Red and white Boxer born end of May 2012!
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