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Reading some of these posts I would never have gotten a boxer. Like you I was nervous. As a child I had chihuahuas as an adult pugs and a cocker. Boxers too me were big and I was nervous about handling them. I researched them and was nervous About their energy level. I have an 11 month old boxer and a 10 year old pug cross. Yes the pup has more energy than my older girl but at 10 months my 10 month pug and 6 month cocker... Enough to drive you insane!! Lol. Nikki entertains herself with toys, she plays with my pug, she runs around my garden. That's her exercise. Our walks are on leash except the odd dog park visit. We also do agility once a week... Class of 3 is an hour so she does about 20 minutes. Other than that she's sleeping or cuddling me. She would much rather be curled up on my lap. I love her so much I am getting another boxer in September. As far as health issues so far we've had none. All dogs are prone to cancer or some health issue. My pet store cocker spaniel spent half her life in the vet! Well... Not quite that much but enough... With 4 dogs I've spent half my life there lol. I bought health insurance for Nikki. I hope she stays healthy but it's nice to know I don't need to financially be concerned about helping her. Research your breeder. There's nothing worse than watching someone you love suffer when it could have been prevented. I went on a waiting list last month for a pup I will be getting in September. It's excitement building up to get your baby! Good luck with your decision. Yes Nikki can get hyper but I ask for a hug she stands on her back legs, wraps her front paws around my neck and her little bum wiggles while I get a face wash

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Breeze is our first boxer and what a delight! I love her to bits and our second boxer was born on the 1st and we cant wait for her to come home! I have owned many breeds and to be honest in our experience Breeze was one of my easiest! Having said that we did have a golden at home already.(I also had an 18 month old and a home childcare) So between playing with my kids( I also had a 9 year old son), with my golden and then of course us, she was never alone and always happy. I remember my vet tried to talk me out of a boxer if you can believe that!! I am so happy we didn't listen to him!

To sum up my opinion I would say.. "the half breed" thing .. boxers being half boxer half human is soooo true! Breeze is so loving and cuddly. She is sensitive and yet a clown, She is amazing with my children and everybody else's, protects when she needs too and just LOVES everybody!!! When asked if I would recommend a golden or a boxer now... It's an easy answer.. boxers! I think all puppies/dogs need exercise, love and attention and I am a trainer so believe me most horror stories I hear come from owners of many different breeds She is 4.5 years old now and I cant imagine not having her.

As far as health issues go.. I think it is safe to say with any breed,, Do your homework. Research your breeder and ask lots of questions. I for one will own MANY boxers in my life time!
Mandi ... mom of fur kids.. Breeze, Bentley .. and new baby Winter

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My boxer, Dozer, is 6 months old and he is a TOTAL LOVE BUG. He thrives on physical attention, love, snuggling, and praise. He is still young so I haven't started any long exercise with him, but he loves to run in the back yard with my 3 other dogs. We take him for walks around the neighborhood and he "hops" around with boundless energy. Lots of toys are important for him, otherwise he gets into trouble. Dozer hasn't been the easiest to train - he still tries to eat food off the table and chews up things when we are gone. Crates are a great idea to use for when you are not home. This breed is definetely smart & energetic, which means they need to be occupied at all times. I just bought Dozer several "brain teaser" toys and he LOVES them. It keeps him occupied longer than regular toys and he doesn't seem to get into quite as much trouble.

I have owned black labs, cocker spaniels, maltese, yorkies, and now boxers. I would say that boxers are amoung my two favorites - Yorkies & Boxers. They are great!
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Sally is my first ever pet let alone dog, She is great, frustrating, adorable, stubborn, well behaved, a monster and every combination inbetween! I love her to pieces!

Sally isn't a big snuggler like I hoped but she gives me lots of love; licks, wiggles, shadowing, love bites, wrestles.
Sally has been easy to train and a pain to train, she learns things really quickly, but sometimes decides she isn't going to do it cause she doesn't want to!

When I tell her off for misbehaving she gives me cheek (barking at me) but it is getting better as I am being a better leader!

She jumps at visitors, she loves playing (sometimes to rough), she will eat anything we do, yet she settles quickly once greeted, she stops being too rough when I tell her and she hasn't (yet) raided the counters.

She does so many silly things but will look at me very serious when I an having a serious talk to her (usually about my frustrations), followed by a lick on the face!

I love her and the weird things I have been told are unique to the breed. I want another one but i don't think I can cope with more than one puppy at a time! So I will wait until she is grown (maybe 2 or 3) and then I might have to get me another one!

Boxers are addictive! require lots of exercise, and lots of physical love (cuddles, pats, belly rubs, wrestles, and snuggles), but you are rewarded with a clown and a serious face when needed!
Mummy of Sally, a Red and white Boxer born end of May 2012!
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Boxers are like no other, lol. They are very attached to their humans, I would call them velcro dogs. I dont find them high maintenance at all and I have 6 of them. Diet is very important regardless of breed. Feeding a high quality grain free diet or even better going Raw would be in any dogs best interest.

They love to work and be given a job. This is after all a working breed. Some just have stronger drives than others and require a bit more exercise.

This breed is PERFECT for agility. I think you will be very happy with a Boxer. I know that I am
Kari ~ Keeper, servant and mommy to the following crew

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I`ve been owned exclusively by boxers for the last 25 years..

`nough said!
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I didn't research as much as I should have but these last 6 months have been interesting. Dixie loves to play, alot of times too rough. She has a health problem where her trachea didn't develop correctly so we can't exercise her for long periods of time and we have to be careful she doesn't over heat, she will also never be able to carry puppies (not that that was going to be an issue anyway). She has to have the kennel cough vaccine every 6 months, too. She is so active though, loves to run, jump, and do flips, but we have to hold her back some. if she was completely healthy I think she would make a great agility dog. They are very strong dogs too, she can over power me sometimes. But I don't think I have ever owned a more loving dog with the greatest personality. She has serious problems with toilet paper, protect what you have! she was a breeze to house train.

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I would never own another bread but boxers. I love everything about them. I did also loose my last male to cancer, after the second surgery we had to put him down. Right now I have a 10 month female and I got my dad a male for Christmas that is currently 8 weeks. I'm starting my dog on raw and she loves it. And also boxers have tons of energy and never get tired. Here are mine

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I'm addicted! I got my first ever boxer via rescue when she was 15 months old (she will be 3 in June). She is the sweetest girl ever!!! LOVE the boxer breed....but I think it really depends on the indivdual dog and how it's raised.

Yes energy level can be high but I'm lucky we live on over 2 acres and Mia gets to run alot which she LOVES to do!! We also hike with her and take her to the beach with us on vacations! She was crate trained when we got her but we don't ever have to use it. We actually don't even have the crate anymore. We both work full time Mon-Fri but I'm able to go home everyday at lunch and let her run and play catch for about 30 minutes. She has free roam of the house and we have never had a problem. She has plenty of toys to keep her busy...but most of the time she just snoozes until we get home...we are newly empty nesters and she is our new baby.

I'm looking into getting another! Good luck with your decision...hoping you choose the boxer!!

Mia - Born 06-07-2010 brindle, docked tail, natural ears
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Well, I have to say I have Boxer fever!! Thank you all for your replies.

Boxers really don't sound much different then my Boston Terriers. Just bigger. My Vizsla's energy level was huge. He never got tired. He wanted to hike and run all day long. He could run agility courses all day long without a problem. It doesn't sound like a Boxer is going to be more demanding.

Boxers are a breed I've loved all of my life. I 've always wanted one yet I've never had one. I think it's time.
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