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Originally Posted by Wyatts_Momma View Post
I have a feeling you're the type that feels a women's place is in the kitchen too...

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Default Where does your boxer sleep at night?

Originally Posted by kielbasavw View Post
Glad someone picked that comment up!

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I have four dogs, one sleeps on her Kong dog bed in the corner, the other sleeps in her crate, and two sleep with me.

I do not play favourites as it may seem, they are all rescue dogs and came to me from different situations and I carried on with what they are used to. My crated at night baby meets me in it when I say bed, she is young and had a habit of chewing and eating things she shouldn't at her old home so they crated her.

I live in an area where it gets very cold at night, but I have to say I do not allow my dogs outside without me at anytime - living in a rural area they would get into too much trouble and wildlife abounds.
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of course they sleep in bed with us, they wouldnt have it any other way, they sleep under the covers or on top, sometimes we share pillows and they share their kicks with us. if one gets hot or annoyed they will leave to go to the floor or living room couch. usually they are right inbetween my fiance and i
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Originally Posted by getgracie View Post
Gracie sleeps on my head.

ROFL!! OMG Duke tries getting up there too but no way will I let him start with that. He pushes me to the edge of the bed as it is! lol

Duke starts off the night in his doggie bed in our bedroom. My husband get up around 5:30 am and that's usually when Duke wakes up (sometimes earlier)and wants up onto our bed. I couldn't take him in bed with us all night because he's either leaning on me and pushing me to the edge of the bed or kicking one of us as he runs in his sleep! lol
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Well Baylee and Jaxon sleep in bed with me until hubby comes to bed. Then they get in their bed beside ours. Since Gunner was here Jaxon got his panties in a wad and now slips upstairs and sleeps on the couch in the game room that he tore up. At sometime during the night they sneak up on the bed. Usually Jaxon. When I don't work and hubby does they get in bed with me when he leaves. I mean they don't even wait for him to get completely out of the bed before they are fighting over his spot and pillow. It is very amusing.

And hey I stay in the kitchen!!! Of course thats because my computer is in here...LOL
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Aspen has both a crate in my room and a dog bed, 99.9% of the time she chooses to sleep in the crate (with the door left open so it's just like a dog house!). If i dont bring the crate to my boyfriend's house she'll make a little burrow in his closet wedged between the wall and laundry hamper! The first time he did that I woke up in the morning panicking because I couldn't find her, and I couldn't call for her because she's deaf! After 15 min of searching and freaking out, she comes out of the bedroom yawning like nothing was going on! That night she went straight to the closet so I figured out where she had been sleeping! She feels safe in confined spaces. She also likes to sleep under the kitchen table or sometimes even maneuvers herself under the kitchen chair to sleep during the day. I always have to help her get out from under the chair because she has to transform into a contortionist in order to get under it!
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Buster sleeps with Cassie on his pillow under his blanket against the wall nah she doesn't spoil him !! The Girlys sleep with me and my O.H they may start out in my bed but usually move to their own full size matt on the floor before the night is over because I am a restless sleeper all over the bed all the time my OH has learned to just shove me over when I land on him but the pups usually say enough and move LOL and mine only go to the crate when they want some space from each other or stole something they are not supposed to have and are hiding with it we have two cages the one in the living room just has bedding in it and the one in the dinning room under the table that is where I find all the "stolen" stuff butter wrappers, kids toys, tippy cups with the lids chewed off, bowls that were on the counter that should have gone in the d/w, bread wrappers, because it got left at a level my bread thief (Brandi) could reach it, water bottles, you get the idea
Carol mommy of Roxi aka "rotten" at the bridge RIP sweet girl you are missed, Brandi, Buster and miss Ziggy and occasionally Mia

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Valant is on my bed...starts with spooning but doesnt stay there very long (maybe 15 minutes) then transfer his highness to the foot of the bed.

He bluntly asks me to go sleep on it at around 7PM nowadays (I guess his old paws hurt on his $120 pillow) then vigorously asks to get down for a drink at around 9PM,then asks to get back up on it a lil later,then asks again to go for a quick one outside around 10PM,then waits for me to go to bed to get a lift up. (he doesnt climb or get down from anything,never had).

He is mistreated badly fed royalty.
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Default Where does your boxer sleep at night?

Lol Valant! That does sound like mistreated badly fed royalty lol!!! Sounds so sweet

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“Moving around or talking too much while training your dog is like singing in the ear of a math student while they are trying to work out an algebra problem" -Karen Pryor
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