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That's not really a question that anyone on here can answer because you will find that your dog- as is each dog is different. All of the foods listed here are excellent foods but your dog is going to be the determining factor on what food agrees with them. It's extremely frustrating. We have changed foods AT LEAST 6-7 diff times and our puppy is turning a year old on April 6th. We tried grain, no grain, about every kind you can think of. We finally settled on that he canNOT handle any grains of any kind or his hair falls out- in spots- not shedding-- and he has diarrhea. He also cannot handle high protein - over about 26-28%. In fact, I would go as far as 28% is too high--- and he has diarrhea. We were feeding the blue buffalo freedom- grain free - which is 24% protein and 14% fat and he did GREAT on that-and I highly highly recc that food--- but then my mom(who is a vet) and I thought that he maybe having a chicken - protein based allergy because I couldn't get his acne cleared up- or starting to develop it- as blue buffalo is chicken based so we now switched him to Earthborn - grain free Meadowfeast - which is lamb and pee based - no chicken and no starchy potato- and it costs less than the blue buffalo- about $20 a mo less - considering those bags are 28 lbs and the bb was 24 lbs and was still at least 10-$15 more expensive before you even calculate the value of more lbs in the earthborn. I am happy- for now. Some day we may try RAW - it's just not something that is feasible right now.

U will find that you will spend countless hour - days even- researching - reading stuff on this forum- talking to pple at dog food stores - to try to find the best kibble- when there is no magic best kibble- it's all what your dog agrees with best. What I originally wanted to feed our dog was NOT was he wanted. Lol. But I would say- even tho I don't feed it- RAW is arguably the BEST that you can feed your dog. Dogs were not designed to digest grain or even kibble period- they ate raw meat- RAW allows you to control what and how much your dog eats at all times. Good luck I hope u find something that your dog agrees with, is quality grain free - and is not so hard on your pocketbook- I'm sorry there isn't a magic answer

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