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not in Canada and really don't know anything about Tanok in particular but things I will be looking for in a breeder are all the health tests done? Heart hips thyroid etc do they have hard copies they can fax me on both parents , do they work their dogs either show or agility or anything? go to multiple websites and ask questions about the breeder, check with the AKC ( That would be CKC in Canada ) and see if there are any complaints registered how long ago and why, go to a few shows and ask around about the breeders who have made my list pros cons dogs offspring etc and then make my decision as I have stated in a previous thread I will end up paying between 1000-2500 for a well bred pup at some point which will still be less then I have paid for the health issues my pack of rescues has cost not that I wont rescue again I will but I do really want one well bred dog at some point
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