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Unhappy Autumn Springs Boxers

I recently purchased a beautiful brindle female from Autumn Springs Boxers. However, the puppy died four days later, I was devastated. I visited the breeder three times before adopting the pup, to visit and see her grow. No doubt they have beautiful dogs. She appeared to be the smallest in the litter and I was told they considered keeping her to breed. When I brought her home she was a normal seemingly healthy puppy. On the fourth day after eating and voiding as usual, she suddenly became lethargic, vomited and anemic. I took her to the vet and within 12 hours she passed away. The vet tested for intestinal blockage, toxins, parvo etc but everything came up negative. Her heart rate was over 200 beats per minute and before she went into cardiac arrest it was over 300. It was a crushing, excruciating blow; she was already my baby. I contacted the breeder (Autumn Springs) who immediately reminded me that I did not take her to the vet within 2 days of purchase as required by the contract. I purchased her on Saturday and took her to the vet on Wednesday. He had her at his vet on the Friday before I picked her up and presented me with a health certificate. He told me I would have to pay for the necropsy (I just spent $2000 on her emergency care) and he wanted his vet to perform the necropsy, not mine. He chastised me because I had not consistently kept her in a crate alluding I was responsible for her death somehow although I was home with her at all times and kept her safe. He stated "you're getting upset over nothing". I asked if he would replace my puppy if I agreed to let his vet perform the necropsy, he said no, not until he could determine the reason for her death- adding: you didn't take her to the vet within two days so her guarantee was void. He was under contract to breed the mother again and needed the necropsy info in case it was congenital. It was strictly business. I have not heard from him since. I wanted to share my experience in case anyone out there is considering buying from Autumn Springs Boxers.
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