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I wanted to share what I've learned since the death of my puppy from Autumn Springs Boxers. Take the contract you sign very seriously. Review your contract to see what requirement there is for you taking your new pup to a vet. Autumn Springs requires that you take your new puppy to the vet within 2 days or the entire contract is void even if the death was a result of a congenital problem. Many breeders have lengthier standards and do not void the contract based simply on your puppy's first vet visit with you. A breeder in Orlando will assist financially with the necropsy should your puppy die, will not breed further until results are known and will replace the puppy no matter the circumstance if the death was congenital. Check to see who is responsible for paying for the necropsy; many breeders will split that cost with you. Be wary if the breeder will not help pay for the necropsy and demands you use their vet. Autumn Springs advertises puppies on their website with a list price; if and when the puppy is sold the list price remains with "SOLD" next to it even if the puppy did not sell for that amount. Some sell for quite a bit less than list price, but that price is not listed. This breeder is still under contract to breed the mother of my puppy who died without knowing if the death was a result of a congenital condition and was not willing to assist financially in that process. Money does seem to be the driving force for this breeder not the quality or health of the stock.

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