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Lol... steer clear? Little harsh for not even knowing her or the operation she runs. I am glad I don't breed, you all are cut throat

I see atleast some evidence of health testing on some of them. Given her other pages about puppy buying, dog health, etc, I wouldn't just rule her out. You don't have to smear a website with that information to be legit.

Most breeder's do not feed raw. I also woulden't flag for that.

I also lost an insanely well bred dog to cancer, not sure you can really flag that either, atleast not right off the bat.

I suppose if it was me, I would at least give her a call. Not the best website in the world, but that doesn't mean shes a hack.

With all this said though, I bet Kari probably has a better operation, no question, and its worth the 8 hour drive. We drive about 8 round trip to get our babies.


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