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Default Was looking for best boxer breeder in Florida

I thought I did sufficient research when I began looking for reputable boxer breeders in Florida. There are so many factors when trying to choose a breeder to invest in and as you will see as you scan various boxer breeder websites, it truly is an investment. So if you have decided not to go with a rescue, be sure to ask your potential breeder the hard questions: what happens if my puppy dies from no neglect of my own? What limitations do you put on your guarantee? Ask your breeder if their contract differs in any way from Florida state regulations. (ie. do you require the puppy to be taken to my vet less than 14 days after purchase?) - big warning sign. I purchased a puppy from Autumn Springs Boxers in Jacksonville, Florida. She died on the fourth day after purchase, Autumn Springs Boxers requires you take your new puppy to your vet within 2 days of purchase or entire contract is void. They did nothing to remedy this tragic situation.
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