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Originally Posted by SarahLou View Post
Would it be ok to say give kibble in a morning and raw in the evening or should you not mix them this way either?

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I have read a few people who do this. Your best bet is to ask 2manydogs (Kari)- she has been my savior transitioning my 2 to raw over the past year. Lol. I think as long as you leave 12 hours in between it should be fine although still not ideal. Would you be interested in going fully raw? I was scared on prices but last week we found a great local farmers market which had amazing prices - we pretty much are paying the same price as if we were feeding kibble.
Also if your going to do half and half there are 2 things you have to worry about 1. That your pup is getting all nutrients. (Not lacking from kibble bc ur feeding raw and the other way round).
And 2. That ur dog doesn't stop eating kibble once you fed raw. That happened to me. I fed mine raw for 1 year, tried to switch to kibble bc of moving and Buddha refused to eat it.
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