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Default Alberta breeders, natural tails

Hi all,
I am new to this forum. I have always loved boxers and do not have one yet, but am continuing my research by joining this forum!

I have a question for those in Western Canada. I know the issue of docked/natural tails has been debated to death, so I'm not looking to get into that. What I am wondering is if anyone knows of any Alberta (or Western Canada) boxer breeders that would be open to leaving a natural tail for a pet puppy?

Also, if anyone has any tips for discussing this with the breeder that would be great. I am nervous about being discounted right off the bat, or worse, having the breeder angry with me just for asking! I do have specific reasons for wanting this, in addition to the usual reasons. Those don't really pertain to the discussion but I will expand if necessary.

Thanks in advance! =)
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