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2manydogs, yes, that is something I have thought of. My thought was that I would likely have to be on a waiting list for close to a year to get to the top of it, and hopefully get first pick of the litter. My plan would then be to pay the full puppy's price up front (for the breeder's security that I wouldn't back out, and they would be left with a puppy with a tail), and would choose within a couple days of them being born before tails are docked. Does this sound reasonable to you?

Mattie's Mom, I would be hoping for a puppy first. If this ends up being impossible, I'd look at adult dogs. Are these dogs you mentioned rescues? I am a member of the Boxer Rescue Canada and Boxers Without Borders facebook pages but I haven't seen any available dogs with tails.

Thanks for your replies! Please keep them coming
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